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 Post subject: Most non-voilent way
PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:34 pm 

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I whole heartedly support non-violence and completely oppose violence. But Mohanbhai doesnt have monopoly. With free and unbiased mind, one should decide whether he wants to walk on the non-violent methods adopted by Mohanbhai or non-violent means adopted by Bhagat Singh or non-violent means adopted by Udham Singh. Let each one decide which non-violent methods he wants to follow, as long as he follows non-violent methods.

All in all, I oppose Mohanabhai's followers of imposing Mohanbhai's methods of non-violent means as sole and only ways.

What is `violent ` and what is `non-violent` depends on how you define it . According to me, methods of Gandhi lead to more violence than methods of Bhagat Singh. Gandhi persuaded people not to bear arms even(forgetting using them) at a later stage although in 1931 he and other Congress members , demanded Right to bear weapons. And lakhs of people in Bengal died due to poverty as they were not able to defend themselves against the loot of the Britishers. And lakhs of unarmed people were not able to defend themselves, against violent people during partition which lead to loss of lakhs of lives. The fear of other having a weapon works more than that of using it. And so is more non-violent than the method where only one party has weapons (illegally or legally).
Right to bear guns was demanded by Gandhiji, Sardar, Nehru et al in 1931. This may be shock to some, but here is the documentary proof from a book written by an IAS as well from Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi.

Please see page 327 and see item 1(h) in the document attached. Following is the link from "Collected works of Mahatma Gandhi"


Fundamental rights of the people, including :
(a) freedom of association and combination;
(b) freedom of speech and of the Press;
(h) right to keep and bear arms in accordance with
regulations and reservations made in that behalf;

So, Nehru, Sardar and Gandhi had demanded that "right to bear weapon" be made FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT. Implicitly, this means a promise, that "we would make right to bear weapon a fundamental right" if we were to come into power !! So much for keeping promises.
An action is non-violent if it causes least violence in long run. eg if Dawood comes, and you kill him -- you killed one person. Sound violent? well, if you dont kill him, he will bomb 1000 people. And so you act of not killing dawood killed 1000. So what is less violent? IMO, killing Dawood is less violent than sparing him. Thats why there is a lot of subjectivity in deciding which way is less violent --- Mohanbhai's way or Bhagat Singh's way or Udham's way or Subhash's way or Madanlal's way etc. IMO Udham Singh's way is most non-violent.

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