Using religion to bypass laws

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Using religion to bypass laws

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Convert to Islam, bypass bigamy laws?
21 Jun 2009, 0446 hrs IST, Insiya Amir, TNN
Most people famously proclaim that love is their religion, but there are some who use religion for love. Perhaps one such is Haryana's former deputy chief minister Chander Mohan, who became Chand Mohammed to marry his new love Anuradha Bali.

Mohan was with Seema Bishnoi, his wife of 13 years, when he met and fell in love with Bali. The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 does not allow a man to take a second wife so Mohan converted to Islam. So did Bali. Both dropped their Hindu names and assumed Muslim ones.

She became Fiza Parveen. And thus began a salacious soap opera played out before the media - Mohan abandons Fiza, who attempts suicide. She accuses him of playing with her sentiments and using religion to make a mockery of her love. He returns to Bishnoi, then dramatically goes back to Fiza. Was religion used and abused to commit adultery?

It is not the first time a high-profile Hindu couple has converted to Islam to 'marry' even though the first wife is alive. More than two decades ago, film stars Dharmendra and Hema Malini married secretly. Women activists protested against the "illegal" marriage. Dharmendra, they pointed out, was already married and had teenaged children. But in order to give legitimacy to his union with Hema Malini, the couple had converted to Islam.

You didnt know that many Hindus convert to Islam to have two wives? And you didnt know that BJP MP Dharmendra is Muslim? And that Hema Malini, also a BJP MP is also a Muslim? Do you live in this world?

Today, with laws like 498A and DVA, one is better off becoming muslim before marriage.

IMO, the mess is because of ban of polygamy in Hindus. IMO, we should make polygamy official and legal in Hindu Marriage Code so that one does not need to convert to Islam to have 2-more wives. Or atleast we should enact provision that a Hindu guy and a girl can marry as per Muslim laws. The status of such person would be "muslim for marital reasons and non-muslim for all other purposes" . This way, Hindu can also use Taktal-Talaq facility

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