Myth about leaders more useful to the country than commons

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Myth about leaders more useful to the country than commons

Post by kmoksha » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:21 am

In our country, activists often group under leaders. And expect leaders to bring about the changes required for the country via pro-common drafts like Right to recall PM, Right to recall lokpal, Transparent complaint procedure, Jury System etc. as they feel the message will spread faster to all the country men via the leaders who have lakhs and crores of following and are covered by media also.

But the leaders even if have good intentions, do have their limitations.
Firstly, if their organisation is not large enough,the leaders cannot speak anything publicly which really goes against the government like Right to recall procedures, Transparent complaint procedure.
For example, Swami Ramdev spoke just four words`Bring Back Black Money` and the BST organisation had to suffer.

For some time , Aastha channel live telecast of Swami Ramdev was closed.
And to expect him to speak publicly on Right to recall procedures will be too much.
However, we do expect those leaders who are in a dialogue with the government to speak about these procedures.

Secondly, organisations and leaders have sponsors and cannot go against their sponsors` interests. Many times sponsors have businesses , in which the common people are exploited and these procedures will reduce/stop those. So, most sponsors oppose those and so even genuine leaders do not speak about these procedures in public.

Thirdly, most of the media is also against these procedures as majority of the media is sponsored by anti-common elite businessmen and MNCs. The leaders need the media for promotion of their organisation , so they do not speak in public about RTR procedures, transparent complaint procedure, otherwise the media will not cover them anymore.

Now, the grass root workers and commons , who are not publicly that much known are in a better position to speak and tell others about the pro-common procedures.
They have no such limitations as the above mentioned limitations the leaders have.

Although they do not have much touch with media, they are more in number and once they reach enough numbers, they can make an impact and spread the procedures of pro-common laws to all the country men in short time.

We have estimated that , if there are only two lakh activists giving their monthly at least ten hours time and spending own money (no donations) of at least Rs. 500 per month , then in one year, all the country men will come to know about these pro-common procedures.
And they will demand these procedures , which are in their interest. When crores of people demand these procedures, they will come in a short time.

So, we, the grass root workers and common citizens of the country are in a better situation to work for the country and bring about
changes for good via pro-common laws like Right to recall PM, Right to recall lokpal , Jury system, Transparent complaint/proposal procedure.
For these procedures and their drafts, please see chapter1,2,5,6,7,21 of (english) (hindi)

However, we do not stop anyone from mentioning these procedures and drafts to their leaders especially if they are able to approach the leaders. But the time of the activist is limited, so time spent on informing commons is better than trying to approach the leader , who is often difficult to approach ( and we do not expect the leader to have 200 hours a day to meet all the activists ).

And anyway,once lakhs and crores of common people come to know about these procedures, the leaders will also be seen speaking about these pro-common procedures.
Because at that time, the genuine leaders will feel no hesitation in speaking about them publicly as they know that lakhs and crores of people are supporting these procedures.

Once again , would like to point out that we do expect the leader to speak about these procedures , if they are in public consultations with the government.

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