Rough methods how to verify myths of media

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Rough methods how to verify myths of media

Post by kmoksha » Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:06 am


In the absence of procedures by which we can verify the information, the media and also other people gives false information and we can not prove or disprove things that ` Trusts and people sell their votes`

`Common people are stupid, useless, violent, casteist, etc`

Now , until we get procedure like Transparent Complaint / Proposal procedure, there are some rough methods , we can use to verify the information.

Before contemplating on persons we cannot reach ,we should find and investigate the facts from the persons around us, whom we can reach easily like YOURSELF, YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR RELATIVES and then people around you in your locality.

And apply the results for you, your friends , your relatives for other citizens of the country. They are no different than your society.

Take some examples-

1) Media says that `People sell their votes` but no one has given any proof for that. So, first have you sold your vote ? Then ask your relatives and friends this question. Then ask the people around you this question , whether they THEMSELVES have sold their vote ? And remembering that vote is secret, can they give any proof , if they claim that they have sold their vote or if any trust claims that it has sold the votes of trustees ?

2) Media often says that common man is stupid, violent, cannot make decisions, etc.

Ask whether this applies to you, next ask whether this applies to your relatives and friends. Lastly investigate whether this applies to people around you.

3) While we respect your work for your organization, we would like to tell a method by which you can verify that your leader/organization is known amongst the masses or not

Media might tell that there such and such leader/organization has so many crores of supporters, even the supporters may exaggerate.

When transparent complaint/proposal procedure will come, these type of informations with their verifications can be obtained easily because any one can put this information by going to the collector office and other people can support that by going to the village officer office.

And all this information will be verified since the supporters voter id details and finger print scans will be taken.

But , in the absence of Transparent complaint/proposal procedure, what rough method can be employed to know whether a leader or organization is known amongst the masses or not.

Now, 70-80% of the people of the country do not have access to a newspaper or t.v.So, they are not influenced directly by media.

So, I suggest this method to know whether a leader/organization is known amongst masses or not-

Choose five people who do not read newspapers or see TV in your locality and ask them the following questions (these are sample , you can make up your own questions also)-

1) What is Bharat Swabhiman Trust?

2) Who is Baba Ramdev?

3) What is India against Corruption ?

4) Who is Anna Hazare ?

5) Who is Indira Gandhi ?

6) What is Janlokpal bill ?

7) What is black money ?

8) Where is black money ?

9) How can we get back black money?

10) Who is laloo yadav ?

Please ask these and similar questions and as a feedback , please write your area here so that others can cross-verify.

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