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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:09 pm 

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Yesterday, I was explaining how Lokpal without Right to Recall may reduce some corruption but increase MNC domination (because now MNCs have to bribe only 11 people), one activist asked me a valid question --- what is wrong with dominance of MNCs !! The question is indeed valid, but shows how bad our mediamen, textbook writers are, that even well meaning activists arent aware of damage MNC domination can do.

It took me a while to explain.

MNCs dominate media. Now we know that India's officers, Ministers are NOT at all trying to improve weapon manufacturing in India. Are they related? YES. How?

(1) why would MNCs want to suppress weapon manufacturing in India? Because that will make India import weapons from MNCs and will increase MNC profits.

(2)So what's wrong with importing weapons? Why insist on Swadeshi weapons? Because if we are importing weapons, then during war, prices of spare parts etc would go 100 times, and we will have to obey the supplying country

(3)So how do MNCs stop weapon manufacturing in India? First by bribing Ministers/officers. And second, if a Minister/IAS refuses bribe and persues weapon manufacturing, then MNCs can pay mediamen to start a smear campaign and shunt him out.

So if Lokpals become MNC agents, or worse, MNCs bribe the 8 Lokpal selection committee members and ensure that MNC agents become Lokpals, then these Lokpals on minor issues will fine MNCs (to create a show) but on all major issues they will support MNCs' goal of suppressing weapon manufacturing in India.


This is really really sad because most important function of Govt is to manufacture weapons. And most well meaning activists are not even remotely aware of importance of weapon manufacturing. This shows how useless their leaders are. Their leaders are not even informing them about reality.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:59 pm 

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‎Kunal Sahu, many elitemen want illegal immigrants to come in large number because illegal immigrants reduce labor cost. Also, US/UK elitemen want large number of legal.illegal muslims to enter into UK so that there are a few terrorists attacks, and it becomes easy to create anger in Christians of US/UK, and thus invade middle east and devor all oil.

UID has been successful in many many countries. Pls google in UID or National ID and you will many countries which have implemented and beneffited from UID

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_i ... ion_number

Manytimes, the media goes on a mispropaganda drive along with the government to defame things useful for the common public. If UID is implemented properly, it will benefit the common public. But the government is not doing that and the media is spreading false propaganda that this will cause damage even if implemented properly.

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