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Aim and Agenda of this forum

Post by kmoksha » Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:39 pm


To Discuss about solutions and good and bad procedures and law-drafts for the improvement of the country


When power is in hands of few, problems like corruption crop up in society. That is why power should be in hands of every person.

Power to know, power to convey and power to decide.

A three line law if signed by prime minister or chief minister and put in Gazette Notiification (Government Notification) can make this possible- Citizens voice.

This three line Govt Notification can reduce poverty and corruption in a few months. Kindly promote this three line proposed Gazette Notification and also demand the same on record from your MPs.

CITIZENS`VOICE Transparent complaint procedure gazette-notification law Summary -

1. If a citizen wants, he can visit Collector’s office and get his complete affidavit SCANNED along with Voter ID number onto PM’s website for Rs.20 per page fee, so that it is visible to all without any need to log-in.

2. If a citizen wants to give his opinion on a previously filed affidavit., then he visits Talati’s (Lekhpal, Patwari, V.O. etc) office, registers his YES (Support) or NO (opposition) for the affidavit & displays it on PM’s website for Rs 3 fee. The cost of giving one opinion for the citizen will be 10 paise when the system comes on SMS. Citizen can change his opinion any day, making procedure immune to money-buyout, media power & gangster power.

3. The YES-count is not a binding on PM etc.

CITIZENS VOICE Transparent Complaint Procedure Gazette notification full draft

1) If ANY citizen-voter comes with voter ID, submits a Right to Information application /complaint /any Opinion/Order/Evidence etc. as an affidavit to the Collector and demands it to be put on the Prime Minister’s website, so that all can see affidavit without logging in, the Collector (or his clerk) checks voter ID, collects Rs. 20 per page fee, issues a serial number and puts Voter-ID number plus complete scanned copy of the affidavit on PM’s website.

2) (2.1) If any citizen-voter comes with voter ID, and specifies Yes-No on any affidavit submitted in above clause-1, the Patwari will enter his Yes-No on the PM’s website with his Voter-ID number and will give a printed receipt for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder.

(2.2) The Patwari will also allow citizen to change or cancel his Yes-No for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder. The cost of giving one opinion will be 10 paise when the system comes on SMS

(2.3) The Collector may create system of sending SMS feedback to voters. Also The Collector may create a system of taking finger-print and picture of the voter and putting it on the receipt.

(2.4) The PM may create a system where by citizens can register YES/NO via ATM or via SMS.

3) This CITIZENS`VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ GN is not a referendum procedure. The Yes-No count will not be a binding

This transparent complaint procedure will ensure that the citizens` complaint /Proposal is VISIBLE and VERIFIABLE by anyone, anywhere and anytime so that the complaint cannot be suppressed by the politicians, officials(lokpal etc), judges or media.

Once this Prime minister is forced to print this Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure (Citizens` voice) in gazette notification, other laws can be brought via majority approval in a few months.

अधिक जानकारी के लिए देखें -

For more information, please read these links-

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4) (detailed information) especially Chapters 1, 2, 6, 13, 21


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