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PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2011 10:28 am 

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If elitemen decide to throw Dictatorship on India, then if as low as 500 Udhams (Singhs) decide to execute The Udham Singh Plan, then that Dictatorship can be overthrown. How?
1. Most important part is that the Udham must work solo and should not never ever form an organization. If one reads history, he will notice that Bhagat Singh lost because of Vibhishan in his group. And no one build a Lanka which doesn‟t have Vibhishan. If all the good people in Hindustan Socialist Revolution Party were working solo, they would have killed more British, could given inspiration to many more and could have created deeper threats inside British. But because they formed a group, and there will always be a Vibhishan in the group, they all got caught and killed, and they could kill just one British. So last mistake an Udham should do is to form a group. Because 1 out of 10 people in such group will be a Vibhishan, and would lead to arrest or death of rest 9.
2. Each Udham should work solo, and randomly pick a member equivalent to a Dwyer in the Dictatorial setup consisting of one Dictator and several officers of him.
3. And Udham should deal with these Dwyer in small or large numbers. The larger the number, better. And higher the position, better. But don‟t aim for too high positions, as these targets are highly protected and more risky to approach.
4. The death of 100s of Dwyers will break morale of Dwyer and the Dictator would feel isolated.
Whether an Udham works solo or work in group, he will die anyway. But if he works in group or say 10 or 50 Udhams, and if even one member in his group is a Vibhishan, all Udhams will die without killing even one Dwyer. Whereas if these 10 to 50 Udhams work solo, it is guaranteed that each will manage to deal with at least one to ten Dwyers before he dies. So expected number of dealings are higher if the Udhams work in solo than in group. If in first year, if 10 Udhams show up, many would be inspired and follow his footsteps. The threads of Udhams will break the morale of all the Dwyers and the Dictator will collapse. I don‟t want to elaborate any further. And I don‟t need to – any intelligent reader would understand what I have written.

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