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What is the best way at present to bring right to recall?

Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 2:25 pm
by kmoksha
Dear Friends,

Jai Bharat.
Right to recall(RTR) says that the people who vote for their leader should have the power to remove/recall the leader if he does not keep the promises or does not come up to the expectations of the voters.
It is there in our tradition since millenia and is mentioned in Atharved under `Prajaa Adheen Rajaa`
BST also supports Rtr
Many people like Jai Prakash Narayan tried to bring it but were unsuccessful.
What is the best way to bring right to recall?
One way is the proposal of Shri Rahul Mehta, that is RTI2
Please give your comments with reasons.

Jai Bharat

Re: What is the best way at present to bring right to recall?

Posted: Thu Sep 16, 2010 4:01 pm
by admin

There are only a few ways to enact drafts such as RTR-PM, RTR-CM, RTR-judges etc

1. We (we = pro-RTR people) inform lakhs and lakhs of citizens about RTR and ask them to force PM to sign RTI2 law-draft, and using RTI2 law draft we enact RTR-PM, RTR-CM etc. We also ask citizens to force all parties to add RTI2 in their manifesto.

2. A party which supports RTR gets 273 MPs and enacts RTR laws

I support (1) over (2).

Because whichever Party that claims they support RTR comes into power --- their majority (some 90%) of the 273 MPs will almost surely backstab. The top leaders such as Ramdevji or Jayprakashji or Vajpaijee or RSS top-leaders etc may be committed - but the MPs once they come in power will disregard them and will not pass RTR laws. What option do we have then? Wait for 5 years again? Well, citizens wont put faith again and again.

In (1), the citizens are in-charge. We are asking activists and citizens to spread the word and then force existing or new PM to sign RTR laws. And we are asking citizens to ask all political leaders to add RTR laws in their manifesto. so everyday, there is a small linear progress. There is no backstabbing at all. And there is no loss of faith, because if RTI2 comes, it will deliver RTR and then MPs etc cant backstab.

Basically, we do both. We should try to convince citizens and activists, such as BST activists, that they should inform ALL activists about merits of RTI2, RTR and they should ask activists to ask more activists/citizens to know about RTI2/RTR.