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Apr-11 (monday) Ahmedabad Mirror has article on our Right to Recall campaign

Apr-11 (monday) Ahmedabad Mirror has article on my Right to Recall campaign

To see the article,

1. pls click http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/ ... 2483540183

2. pls select date 11-april-2011 .
3. pls scroll to page-4.


Here is a direct URL to that http://epaper.timesofindia.com/Default/ ... =HTML&GZ=T


I request ALL IAC, BST, RTR and all activists to spend 1 hour a week to campaign for Right to Recall. How? Pls download http://rahulmehta.com/301.pdf

and read chap-1, chap-6 and chap-13 .


The text of the article without comments. After the article, I have posted my comments :

Right-to-recall activist spurred by Anna’s win

IT professional Rahul Mehta says that a draft bill has been sent to Anna Hazare who is convinced that it will be a significant piece of legislation


The success of Anna Hazare-led anti-corruption movement has given fresh hope to an Ahmedabad-based IT professional who has been campaigning for “right to recall” (RTR) for more than a decade. While discussions and debates over RTR are being held nationally, 41-year-old software engineer Rahul Mehta, who has contested three elections — parliamentary, byelection to the state assembly and to Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation — with the sole intention of creating awareness of the issue, told Mirror on Sunday that RTR volunteers are in touch with Hazare’s anti-corruption movement workers through mails and telephones. “Anna Hazare just spoke one line and more than five crore people reacted to him overnight. A similar campaign is needed to get RTR legislation in place.”

“The draft of RTR bill has already been sent to Anna Hazare and he is convinced that it is a significant piece of legislation that can empower the people against corrupt representatives and public servants.”

There are about 300 volunteers creating awareness about RTR across the country. Mehta claims that he has created awareness among seven to eight lakh people in Ahmedabad through his campaign and it took him 12 years to do this. Mehta began his campaign in 1998 when he returned from the US where citizens have a right to recall. “I saw rampant corruption, laxity in work and other problems that were impeding our system. This is when I believed that RTR should be in force in our country. I studied the provisions of RTR in other countries,” Mehta said.

“Most candidates campaign to win elections. I contest and campaign for the introduction of the right to recall legislation,” Mehta said. He believes that an elected representative or public servant should be recalled if 51 per cent of the electorate vote against the person at any stage. Mehta firmly believes that the country will collapse if RTR is not implemented forthwith.

“In fact, the first place where RTR needs to be implemented is for the position of Lokpal. If the Lokpal is vested with all powers, it will be another centre for power and can bring in dictatorship. The people need to have a say in the kind of person that they want in such a position.”


THE RIGHT to recall means procedures by which citizens can expel/replace prime minister, chief minister, judges, police chief, etc. In 1946, M N Roy in his book ‘Draft Constitution of India’ had put utmost emphasis on the right to recall. Roy had said that that election alone without recall is of no use. Between 1960-77, Jayprakash Narayan demanded RTR many times. The 1977 Janata Party manifesto by which Lal Krishna Advani and Atal Behari Vajpayee became minister for the first time had promised to implement the RTR.

According to this, if a citizen registers affidavit at collector’s office, the collector shall put it on websites of PM, CM for a fee. Any citizen can register yes-no on any affidavit by paying Rs 3 fee at the talati’s office. The citizen’s option will also appear on the PM’s website with his voter-ID.



Lokpal bill without Right to Recall Lokpal is open invitation to slavery. MNCs will be able to bribe out 10-12 people in selection committees and will ensure that their agent with saintly face like IMF-agent MMS becomes Lokpal. And then using him, MNCs will enslave India and destroy Agriculture, Military and Maths/Science education and will thus make India a slave of MNCs. Right to Recall is a medicine par-excellence. Give me potful of poison, and add two drops of RTR, and poison will vanish. Right to Recall is so powerful that even if Jinha manages to become PM of India by fraud or deceit, RTR-PM will ensure that he band Go-hatya in 2 days or else he will be expelled on 3rd day and next PM will ban go-hatya. Right to Recall Education Minister will ensure that even if MNC head were to become Finance Minister, he will impose taxes on SEZs . RTR is THE power in the hands of citizens and that why ALL politicians and their pet intellectuals (ku-budheejeevies) hate RTR.

So now please let us ensure that Annaji keeps promise he made that he will put RTR-Lokpal-clauses in Lokpal. He says that Lokpal selection procedure will ensure that Lokpal will be honest. This is nonsense --- God didnt write "this man will remain honest even after becoming powerful" on anyone's forehead. Nor did God write "this man is not agent of MNCs" on anyone's forehead. Anna has promised Right to Recall Lokpal on TV in front of crores of citizens and activists. If we activists and citizens forget the promise, we cant later blame leader of forgetting promise. We must keep pressure on ALL remaining 5 corrupt committee members (the corrupt Ministers) to ensure that none of these corrupt Ministers dare to oppose RTR-Lokpal-clauses. If we activists dont maintain pressure, we shouldnt expect leader to hold the fort. A General alone cant fight if soldiers go to sleep. The pressure on Anna so that Anna can use our pressure as justification to put RTR-Lokpal-clauses in Lokpal draft.

And RTR-Lokpal-clauses are start. Pls see http://rahulmehta.com/301.pdf

. I have proposed Gazette Notifications for Right to Recall PM, Right to Recall CM, Right to Recall Supreme Court Chief judge, RTR Reserve Bank Governor, RTR Police Chief and RTR over ALL.


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