IAC apex response to finding flaws of road supervisor`s work

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IAC apex response to finding flaws of road supervisor`s work

Post by kmoksha » Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:48 pm

Now, we the citizens of India have every right to criticise and find faults , if any of govt. appointed public servants like Draft Committee members like Anna and other civil society, road supervisor.

But as soon as we start finding flaws in work of govt.appointed road supervisor,what will be the IAC apex response , can be seen in this conversation-

We- The government appointed road supervisor is not doing his work properly.

IAC apex- So, what he is at least striving.

We-But the road which is being built is substandard and will cause damage to the public.

IAC apex-But at least he has taken first step of building the road .Before there was broken road. And that is better than no road. Once the road is built, that will be made more strong.

We- The road was broken because before also , the road supervisor did not do his job properly.

IAC apex- No, but there is progress. One step at a time. First aim is to get the road built. It is not easy to build the road with such corrupt contractors in place put in by corrupt government.

We- Two years before also you told the same thing. This road lasts only for two years and every two years it breaks and citizens dying due to accidents.Same will happen after two years also.

IAC apex- Please have faith. This time, the road will be good.

We-But the road supervisor, even if appointed by corrupt government , is a public servant. He should not compromise with the government and the contractor.

IAC apex- Let us first unite against the government in building the road and then once the road gets built, we can strengthen the road.

We- You will never strengthen the road. You always build weak roads, wait for it to break and then make another road and same thing goes on and on. The supervisor gets credit for building the road, the government also gets the credit. Only people who loose are the common people who use daily the road.

We- Please put proper cement in the road so that the road will last longer and will be strong.

IAC apex-First let us build the road, we will strengthen the road later.

We- Two years before also, the same thing was said -`We will strengthen the road later`, but your `later` never came, the road broke and now you are building the road again. The public suffers all the time, people dying due to accidents and your `later`has not come. We want to put proper cement NOW and not later.

IAC apex- You are dividing us against the government people. If you divide, the road will not be built.

We- We are telling everyone that cement should be put to get a strong road.When people will come to know this, they will demand for cement to be put and since crores of people will want this, we are uniting , not dividing.

On the other hand , you are just asking to support `A` supervisor and other people are telling to support `B` supervisor but whoever the supervisor is , the road must have cement. In this way, you are dividing people.We are not against any supervisor, but against the supervisor not pushing for putting proper cement amount.

Once crores of people demand for the cement to be put in the road, the government will have to put the cement in the road.

Same reply we get from IAC apex when we speak about other govt. appointed public servant like Anna and team when we point out the draft pushed by Team Anna is toothless and even leading to janlokpal becoming agent of MNCs.

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