In grave danger of falling food

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In grave danger of falling food

Post by kmoksha » Wed Nov 10, 2010 10:55 pm

Modern agriculture is not a system for producing food but for producing money.

15% of the landscape should be water bodies.

Food produced in the city will be 95% cheaper. 95% of costs go into transportation, packaging and taking the wastes away.

Lawns, `green cancer` is a serious threat.It uses a lot of resources and has no use at all.

Nature is not worried about asthetics, it is interested in abundance.

The smell of mangroves is a indicator of its productivity. The decomposition provides food to millions of species.

Forests stores water from the rain and surrounding water sources.Evaporation from the forests cause formation of clouds.Bacteria from forests seed the clouds and cause precipitation of rains.So forests produce rain.

Haiti has no soil, it is down to the bare rocks.

Ethopia`s productivity has fallen 4000%.

Pollution is unused output of a system.

Much of the world`s forests are logged and sold to the wealthy nations.

The local population is forced to destroy the few remaining resources just to survive.

For full articles and videos see- ... ests#p5918
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