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 Post subject: Slums
PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:24 pm 

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Slums exist because the slum dwellers pay rent to local neta, babu, judges, policemen etc. To be more accurate, the slum dwellers, even if the slum is on GoI land, pay rent to the local slumlord, who is DIRECTLY appointed by local CM or some Minister-in-charge. The slumlord keeps a share, but much of it goes to local police inspector or local Talhsildar, who keeps some and passes the rest to his boss. It will go all the way to CM or Mayor depending on whether land belongs to State Govt or Municipality.

The judges make money as follow : some time or another, some eviction notice will come, and the slumlord will need a lawyer to get a stay order. The honor of helping poor invariably goes to some lawyer who also happens to be judges relative. So while techinically, it is the judges' relative-lawyers who make money from slums, reality is anyone's guess


So slums exist NOT due to vote-bank but plain money.


Intellectuals are always looking for oppurtunities to denigerate us commons, and denigerate democracy. So they WRONGLY explain democracy as a cause behind slums. And they also project us commons slum-dwellers as free-loaders. In reality, the slum-dwellers are NOT free loaders as they do indeed pay rent to neta-babu-judges via slum-lord. But intellectuals hide this fact, and say other way.

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