Proposed draft to set up adarsh gaon/model villages

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Proposed draft to set up adarsh gaon/model villages

Post by kmoksha » Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:47 am

Proposed draft to set up adarsh gaon/model villages

This will reduce poverty in villages and unemployment. It will stop migration of people from villages to cities and also bring improvement in environment and economy as a whole.

This supposes that Citizens voice ,RTR Tehsil Sarpanch,RTR ration officer has been
passed. RTR Tehsil Sarpanch,RTR ration officer if not passed can be passed along with this draft.

1. The Tehsil Sarpanch will hire services of trainers/specialists in organic/naturalfarming,rainwater harvesting, biogas production,solar panels and village industries
who can train local people.The selection will be based on actual experience rather than certificates.
2. The Tehsil Sarpanch will give directions each Gram Sarpanch to recruit unemployed, uneducated women and men between the age of 35 to 50 years to be trained by specialists mentioned in clause 2.On completion of the course, these trained persons will go to their areas and start the respective installations.No certificates will be issued.
These trained personnel will go to their area and install and maintain rainwater harvesting structures, biogas units,solar units,natural farms and their marketing, village industries.
3.The units will be funded by the Reserve Bank Of India and maintained by the benefiting parties.
4.The ration officer will issue directions to the ration shops to buy the agricultural produce at rates fixed by the farmer and will ensure quality of the goods procured.

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