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Why did British allowed Birla, Sarabhai etc all to fund Mohanbhai? IOW, was Mohanbhai funded by British?

Summary : British allowed Indian businessmen to fund Mohanbhai to kill the market of Subhashji, Bhagatji etc. Essentially, Mohanbhai created a program which kept activists busy with time-pass activities and stopped them from becoming Bhagat, Udham, Dhingara, Subhash and thus helped the British.


Google, and you will find that Henrybhai Ford had said that “History is useless”. I am quoting Henrybhai, because I also believe that “History books are useless”. In fact, I came to know of Henrybhai’s quote in around 1997, and it was before that, around 1994, I had concluded that “History books are useless”. In 1997, when I read Henrybhai’s quote, I just said AWMTA :) aka “all wise men think alike :) ” . I will later explain why History is useless. And worse, “most Historians are paid Historians and all their Histories are paid Histories”, just as “every news is a paid news”. So IMO, History is worse than useless — most History-texts IMO are not just wrong, but they are carefully fabricated loads of lies. All this in some other document.

In this document, I will confine to one question : why didnt the British Viceroy stopped Tata, Birla, Bajaj, Sarabhai et al from funding Mohanbhai? (I am anti-Mohanbhai, and so I avoid using the word “Gandhiji”). Did this question ever occurred to you before? Why no Historian posed this important question before?

Let me elaborate the question. Historians tell us that Britishers were damaged by Mohanbhai and Company (aka Congress) and their Charkha Brigade. The Charkha Brigade as Historians tell us consisted of over 1000 Charkha Battalions each consisting of about 100 Charkha-veer spinning Charkha at the speed of 100 kmph. And at the same time, Charkha-veer could sing Bhajans so aloud, that no one would need loud speakers. And their Charkha spinning, Bhajan singing etc forced British to leave — that’s what Historians tell us. Now the funding for this Charkha Brigade came from Tata, Birla, Bajaj, Sarabhai et al. So let me ask you one question : say you are a businessman, and Viceroy calls you and tells you — you dare not fund Mohanbhai and Company, or else I will throw in prison. Then would YOU dare to fund Mohanbhai? Plato said that in Politics, answer the question you ask. So I will answer this question : If I were a businessman in early 1900s, and if Viceroy tells me not to fund Mohanbhai, I will not give a penny to Mohanbhai. And I bet you too wont give a penny to Mohanbhai. No businessman back then would dare to defy Viceroy even in dreams. Most of these businessmen heavily depended on British for licenses, quota as well as technology. Any move against what Viceroy says, and their licenses would get canceled and they will be bankrupt. All in all, what it means is that Viceroy never ever told these businessman to stop funding Mohanbhai.

So let me come to second question : why didnt Viceroy asked businessmen to stop giving funds to Mohanbhai? If Mohanbhai was hurting the British, the best thing would be to cut his supply. But this doesnt happen. If you were Viceroy, why benefit do you see in letting businessmen help Mohanbhai.

In business or politics, there are two things — maximizing the profits and sometimes minimizing the losses. What could or would have happened if Mohanbhai runs out of funds. Then all his franchise aka Ashrams would be shut down. All the lakhs youth who wanted to kill, die, work etc for freedom would be out on streets and there would be no place for time-pass activities like Bahaj singing and Charkha spinning. These youth would start searching for ways and means. What if even 5% of them decide to become a Bhagat, a Udham, a Dhingara or a Subhash? One Udham or one Dhingara can kill at least one British (please google on Udham Singh and Madanlal Dhingara) and improved model can kill four. If 100,000 youth in India become an Udham or a Dhingara, then 400,000 British would die. How many British were there in India in 1938? Some 100,000. So obviously, if 100k Indian youth had become Udham or Dhingara or Subhash or Bhagat, British would have had to leave.

Thats where funding Mohanbhai reduces losses to British. A young men between 14 and 22 is willing to work, kill and also die. He is energetic. Mohanbhai would give him Charkha, make him sing Bhajan loudly, send him to clean toilets, send him to village and ask him to do all time-pass activities for 5-8 years. By 20-21 years, he is married, has kids and has become a passive whimper and no more a threat against British. All in all Mohan Ashrams were factories that took energetic young men who could have each killed 5-10 British into harmless useless Charkha spinners and Bhajan singers. Remove these Ashrams, and even if 5% of youth become Bhagat, British would be nowhere. Hence, Ashrams minimized the losses British could have faced.

But Ashrams needed busloads of money. Khadi was a loss-making venture even back then (just as it is today). So British allowed Indian businessmen to fund Ashrams. In fact, I would put other way — Britishers prompted and motivated Indian businessmen to fund Mohanbhai and his Charkha Brigade. Given that these businessmen were dependent on British license , quota, technology etc. I would say — it was British who funded Mohanbhai via Indian businessmen, to reduce the supply of Bhagats, Udhams, Dhingaras, Subhashes.


Even if this history is repeating itself as we speak, there is perhaps no way to know for sure. Only word of advice I can give to all — is something that we all should have known by now. Please do NOT trust the leaders blindly. You never know whether activities given by your leader is to waste away time and opportunity or defeat our enemies. Just use your best judgment — but if you go by faith and blind faith, then there is no way to judge.


Aside : Mohanbhai had tall image. But his image was a creation of “paid media” and nothing else. Mohanbhai did not pay mediamen, but mediamen were paid by elitemen, British to create a tall image of Mohanbhai, so that images of Bhagat, Subhash etc look small. Mediamen would plant only pro-Mohanbhai journalists at various key positions in and would kick out anti-Mohanbhai journalists from the newspaper. So newspaper will filled with all pro-Mohanbhai journalists. These journalists would print all good things about Mohanbhai. And so all newspaper readers started believing that Mohanbhai were God. But please look at the ACTIONS Mohanbhai too. Once the actions are scanned, it becomes clear that Mohanbhai was a control-freak, did not believe in democracy, believed in impressing people by fancy-dress competition and not logic. In fact, he had no logic and only only bags of tricks to impress people via media-support.

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