Should Army officers be allowed to marry foreigners?

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Should Army officers be allowed to marry foreigners?

Post by karan » Fri Mar 01, 2013 4:09 pm

Major Vikas Kumar, serving in the Corps of Signals and a resident of Koramangala, Bangalore, sought permission to marry Arnila Rangamali Gunaratne, a Sri Lankan national residing in the same area. The Army rejected his application on September 19, 2011 and refused to discharge him from service to facilitate the marriage. He approached the High Court where Justice BS Patil on December 7, 2011 directed the Army to consider his application and relieve him from service. The Army ignored the directions and Kumar again approached the court. On June 18, Justice HN Nagamohan Das quashed the Army order rejecting his application.

The Army challenged this order, but a division bench headed by the Chief Justice held that the Army could not have refused discharge to the Major as directed by the single judge.In a similar recent case, Major Yogesh Chandra Madhav Sayankar of 60 Rashtriya Rifles (Naga), serving in Jammu & Kashmir, took the Chief of Army Staff, Director General of Military Intelligence, and others to court over permission to marry Shruti Kulkarni, a US citizen.

Denied permission to resign and marry a foreigner, he challenged the same under Article 226 of the Constitution. Major Sayankar had met Shruti Kulkarni while on vacation in Pune in 2009, through mutual friends, and they got engaged in December 2009. She was unwilling to renounce her American citizenship, so he sought release from service, presumably to settle with her in the US.

The Army argued in Court that the petitioner was a permanent commissioned officer in a service responsible for protecting the nation, and there is a severe deficiency in the cadre. If an officer is allowed to resign to marry a foreign national refusing to accept Indian citizenship, it may set an incorrect precedent. In future, officers could seek to resign to contest elections or form trade unions, which are unacceptable in the Armed Forces.

The petitioner in this case expressed willingness to reimburse the cost of his training, approximately Rs 3 lakh, and finally married against Army advice – a severe breach of discipline. In the circumstances, on March 25, 2011, a bench headed by Bombay High Court Chief Justice SJ Vazifdar asked the authorities to accept the officer’s resignation.Officers of the army or foreign services should not be allowed to marry foreigners under any circumstances as it is a grave threat to a nation’s security. There is no comparison between President K.R Narain’s case and the army officer’s case although I loathe K.R Narain & his left wing ideology. I completely agree the left-wing ideology was cloned like Dolly the Sheep in a laboratory called the Communist Republic of Battersea, London to destroy the economic security of nations who posed a direct threat to the British Empire! If we de-assemble the European conduct in to its basic nuts&bolts it is not hard to see how they achieved two miraculous re-branding fetes in human history with a calibrated use of a few assets as below;
1. Like a pack of wild dogs hunting together or in tandem the Western European powers used their charities & human rights NGOs in tandem with anti-India academics, NGO’s, celebrities to stifle India and Nehru was just a spoke in this giant wheel like our Booker Prize winners/Nobel winners who all champion the so called human rights of Dr.Amartya Sen a Naxals sympathiser which is a UN banned terror group or a Kashmiri militant or the recent petition by the 14 retired judges of the Supreme Court High Courts to abolish the death penalty or Medha Patkar’s & Swami Agnivesh’s activities.
2. The communists in India with the help and guidance of the British lefties began the ritualistic burning of US flags in India and other former European colonies in Asia & Africa by branding US as the imperialist for India which really laundered the colonial genocide, loot, pillage and plunder of the colonial British. The British even set up the British Commonwealth in 1935 under the Commonwealth Charter to keep their colonies as satellite states which even continues today whilst being headed by a Monarch. Imagine if it were the USA which headed the Commonwealth with US President at the helm but surprise surprise Indian Communists have no problem with that.
3. The charities like Oxfam and Green Peace are there to stifle India’s march towards prosperity, poverty alleviation by using fake science and premises. The British Greenpeace has no problem with the bendy potholed roads breeding more carbon emissions due to the low gears gobbling up gas or the Indian roads killing 130,000 people every year. After their mineral companies like BHP Billiton, BP etc. mined all minerals in Australia suddenly they have problems in Indian mining companies mining in India’s most backward but mineral rich areas in the name of Niyamgiri, Avatar movie and the like.
4. The British re-branding of America whilst receiving American AID through the Marshall Plan after the Second World is the biggest re-branding exercise done on human history. The Europe which caused the two World Wars, the Holocaust, and the Cold War thus got absolved of all her liabilities. The Western European charities have no right to sermonize India on human rights as the biggest human rights’ violations in human history happened through a billion people’s genocide under the colonial rule in India according to some estimates besides the desecration of temples, heritage stripping, resource raping, destruction of traditional industries in India and the like. One of the first priorities of a newly independent nation was to repeal all draconian British colonial laws which never were done and the Indian Judges in that sense are administering not the laws for an independent nation India but that of the British. Imagine post-Taliban Afghanistan or post Mubarak or post Gadhafi Egypt or Libya were still retaining the draconian laws of these two despots!
To read more about it please click the link below and the heading Post-Colonial European Duress over India.

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