India OKs $4 billion deal to buy US-made aircraft

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India OKs $4 billion deal to buy US-made aircraft

Post by Rohit » Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:35 pm

Associated Press

NEW DELHI— India's Cabinet has approved a proposal to buy 10 American C-17 military aircraft for more than $4 billion, the largest defense deal between the two nations, a defense official said Monday.

The deal requires the aircraft maker, Boeing Co., to invest 30 percent of the $4 billion in defense-related industries in India, said the official, who could not be named because he wasn't authorized to discuss the subject.

The approval comes after Boeing and another American defense manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, were rejected for an $11 billion deal to supply 126 fighter jets for the Indian air force.

The agreement to purchase the 10 heavy-lifting aircraft must be signed by both governments before the manufacturer begins to deliver the planes, said Rahul Bedi, a New Delhi-based analyst for the independent Jane's Information Group.

The C-17 is a large transport aircraft and is used to airlift tanks, supplies and troops as well as to perform medical evacuations. It is capable of operating from basic airstrips.

Since 2002, New Delhi has become a closer strategic and military ally of Washington following decades of hostile relations during the Cold War-era when it was a close Soviet partner, Bedi said.

So far, the largest Indian defense deal with the United States has been the purchase of eight Boeing P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft for $2.1 billion in 2009.

India is expected to spend $80 billion over the next decade to upgrade its military.

India has become the world's top arms and defense equipment buyer in recent years due to its rising concerns about China's growing power in the region as well as its traditional rivalry with neighboring Pakistan.

About 70 percent of India's military hardware is of Soviet origin.

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Re: India OKs $4 billion deal to buy US-made aircraft

Post by janta mat » Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:57 pm

Please see this link- ... l=en&gl=in

A common name for `kill switch` is `radio chip`.It is of the same technology as a remote and TV. In the above link, the Defence ministry of US has rejected importing chips for their defence equipment.When the defence ministry has rejected it , we foolish people are buying the planes from the US and endagering the lives of soldiers and also civilians.
Quoting from the above link "Defense Science Board Report "HIGH PERFORMANCE MICROCHIP SUPPLY"
"Trustworthiness of custom and commercial systems that support military operations ... has been jeopardized. Trustworthiness includes confidence that classified or mission critical information contained in chip designs is not compromised, reliability is not degraded or untended design elements inserted in chips as a result of
design or fabrication in conditions open to adversary agents. Trust cannot be added to integrated circuits after fabrication; electrical testing and reverse engineering cannot be relied upon to detect undesired alterations in military integrated circuits."
"The shift from United States to foreign IC manufacture endangers the security of classified information embedded in chip designs; additionally, it opens the possibility that "Trojan horses" and other unauthorized design inclusions may appear in unclassified integrated circuits used in military applications. More subtle shifts in process parameters or layout line spacing can drastically shorten the lives of components..."
Which is why we should manufacture ALL chips we use in India. We had a chip manufacturing company which mysteriously caught fire, and entire factory got gutted in 1989. This was not accident, because such factories are made with sprinklers ...and have permanent staff to run to point where fire erupts. Later came MMS\PVNR in 1991. They suspended all chip licenses and said that GoI will issue licences after GoI makes semi-conductor policies. 20 years later, the draft of semi-conductor policy is still unfinished !! And so we have to import all chips. This show that out top is completely rotten. And as I always believed and stated, that unless we have RTR at ALL levels -- lower, middle and top --- it is too easy for MNCs to bribe out "unrecallable" authorities and get GoI policies tilted in favor of MNCs, even when it huts Indian Military.
Now given that we are importing so many weapons from US etc., most critical weapons like planes etc will come with Kill Switches. So during war with China or Pakistan or Bangladesh (or all three - so called two front attack or three front attack) US will ask GoI to hand over all mineral mines and oil fields to US companies, or else threaten to activate Kill Switches. GoI will have to obey. One mineral mines etc go in US hands, within months they can usurp most factories and in next 1-2 decades impose Christianity in India.

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