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The Supreme Court of India on last Friday (29th July'11) displayed a unique showdown of Muslim appeasement by dismissing a very landmark petition to abolish the subsidy granted to the Haj caravans, filed by former Bharatiya Janata Party MP Praful Goradia.

Goradia strongly pointed out that the huge amount of money sanctioned by the Government for the Haj pilgrims had been collected from the direct and indirect Taxes paid by the hard earned Indian citizens to the exchequer and this was a clear violation of the Articles 14, 15 and 27 of the constitution. (which is True).

The Division Bench of the Supreme Court, comprising of Justice Markandey Katju and Justice Gyan Sudha Misra,

went to a great extent in vouching the subsidy provided by the Govt. in case of Haj Yatra by making cheap observations that a very small expenditure in proportion to the entire tax collected was being spent for this semetic festival, thereby shocked the whole Hindu community & the entire nation.

The Judges added that if single paisa is being spent by the Govt. on any religious pilgrim it would not at any cost amount to clear violation of Article 27 of the Indian Constitution and despite its tremendous diversity, India is still united, only policy which can work and provide for stability and progress is secularism and giving equal respect to all communities, sects and denominations.

The Article 27 of the Indian Constitution reads: "No person shall be compelled to pay any taxes, the proceeds of which are specifically appropriated in the payment of expanses for the promotion and maintenance of any particular religion or religious denomination."

The court expressed its ignorance in interpreting the law properly by stating that there could be two views about Article 27. "One view can be that Article 27 is attracted only when the statute by which the tax is levied specifically states that the proceeds of the tax will be utilized for a particular religion."

'The other view', the court said, "Can be that Article 27 will be attracted even when the statute is a general statute, like the Income Tax Act or the Central Excise Act or the State Sales Tax Acts (which do not specify for what purpose the proceeds will be utilized), provided that a substantial part of such proceeds are in fact utilised for a particular religion."

The Pseudo-Secular learned Judges of Supreme Court of India thus insulted the lion hearted petitioner as well as millions of Hindus and Sikhs throughout the world.

Finally no justice was delivered and dispensed by the blind judiciary and the petitioner was shown the exit gate with a communal label on his back.



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