A unpatriotic question- Do you support Mr. X ?

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A unpatriotic question- Do you support Mr. X ?

Post by kmoksha » Mon Aug 15, 2011 3:55 pm

We are often asked to support Mr. XYZ in the name of the country ?

This is a invalid and unpatriotic question.

Please do not ask us, patriots, the common citizens, these unpatriotic questions.
We are loyal to our families, our societies, then our states, then our countries.

So, please ask a patriotic question instead ` What law-drafts you support for your country and opposing MNCs ?`

The main agenda of MNCs is not retail, which is less than 5% of the economy but control over mines, real estate, to break weapons-manufacturing capacity of India , break agriculture of India, destroy science and maths education of India, so that the country is dependant on food , weapons and technology on the MNCs

They have already succeeded in 50% of their above aims but for this it has taken lot of time and money. With coming of bills like `Sarkaari lokpal/Janlokpal without RTR-lokpal and Transparent Complaint procedure`, they will be able to colonise India with spending of less money and less time.

So, please ask question- `What law-drafts you support for saving country from becoming slave of MNCs?`

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