List of Online RRG links

यहाँ आप महत्वपूर्ण राईट टू रिकाल प्रस्तावित प्रक्रिया और ड्राफ्ट के लिंक देख सकते हैं और उन्हें दूसरे नागरिकों को बता सकते हैं |
Here, you can see important RRG proposed procedures and drafts, which you can share with other citizens

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List of Online RRG links

Post by kmoksha » Thu Sep 06, 2012 6:00 pm

1) Three Line Law Can Make "Citizens Are Supreme" Forever -

This is online version with clickable hyperlinks for each chapter of 301 pdf, having detailed drafts and explanations

2) English TCP

3) Hindi TCP-

4) English light TCP

5) Hindi light TCP

6) Virus works in Team of One



9) Right To Recall PM Draft

10) Prajaa Adheen Pradhan-mantri – Hindi

11) Signs of Pseudo Recallist - English

12) Nakli Praja Adhin Raja Samarthak- Hindi

13) FAQs on TCP and RTR- English

14) FAQs on TCP and RTR – Hindi

15) FAQs on Jury Trial & Improving Court

16) FAQs on Jury Trial & Improving Court - HINDI

17) FAQs on MRCM & Inflation

18) FAQs on MRCM & Inflation - HINDI

19) FAQs on Defence & Misc

20) FAQs on Defence & Misc - HINDI

21) Summaries of Recall & TCP

22) Summaries of Recall & TCP - HINDI

23) TCP 16 Page Pamphlet - HINDI

24) TCP 32 Page Pamphlet - HINDI

25) 301 English

26) 301 Hindi

27) Detailed document about How common citizen can stop the corrupt lokpal from selling the country (43 pages) – HINDI ENGLISH

28) Difference Between Lokpal pamphlet & Full Draft (3 pages)-ENGLISH

29) Letter to Anna/ Govt. Standing Committee to add RTR-Lokpal , TCP clauses to Janlokpal/Lokpal bill (6 page) -ENGLISH

30) Letter to Anna/ Govt. Standing Committee to add RTR-Lokpal , TCP clauses to Janlokpal/Lokpal bill (10 pages) – HINDI

31) Letter to BK Hazare to add RTR – Lokpal Clause to Janlokpal/Lokpal bill (2page) - BENGALI

32) Letter to Anna to add RTR-Lokpal clause to Janlokpal/Lokpal bill (2page) - ENGLISH

33) Letter to BK Hazare to add RTR-Lokpal clause to Janlokpal/Lokpal bill (2page)– HINDI

34) Janta ki awaz –(Transparent Complaint Procedure)– Book Post to Common Man – HINDI (with atharvaved shloka)

35) Election Manifesto (4pages)- HINDI

36) How EVMs can be tempered

37) Summary of Drafts to Bring Swiss Mauritius black money - HINDI

41) The Court Drama of Subramaniam Swamy

42) Court Naatak Subramaniam Swamy ka (Hindi)


This is blog containing all mails sent by RTR activists to leaders, prominent personalities and their replies/no-replies.


Without drafts, no proposals can be passed. Therefore we should ask the leaders / intellectuals / media persons/judges their stand on drafts like Transparent Complaint / Proposal Procedure, Right To Recall over PM, MP, lokpal etc
(see chapter 1, 6,13 of for details and drafts ) and what they are doing to promote the procedures they support or to propose their own procedure-drafts for the burning problems of the country. We can use e-mail, mail , twitter for this.

Just as we test our house/office servants, similarly we should test our public servants by giving them job work, asking them their stand on proposal-drafts and asking their proposal-drafts for the burning problems of the country.

We propose to create a network of e-mails ids and a central e-mail id where all sent mails to leaders/intellectual/media/judges will accumulate . If you send a hard copy letter to any leader etc, please scan it and send it to the official mail id. Later these accumulated mails will also be forwarded to a blog -

For Twitter communication, you can mention your twitter id and the date which you asked the leader etc about the draft etc. and send it to the official mail id.

If in the mail to judges, it is written that to consider the mail as a PIL, the mail will be considered as a PIL.

Request all recallists and activists to please forward/cc all mails which you have already sent or will send in future to netas/intellectuals/media/judges asking whether they support or oppose RTR group proposals-drafts such as RTR, TCP etc or their proposed law-drafts for the burning solutions of the country at

This will help us to collect all sent mails by activists to neta
s/intellectuals/media/judges in one place and also have a network to inform other activists about mails sent by other activists. This will serve as proof to convince other activists , which netas/intellectuals/media persons are interested in good procedure-drafts for the country and who are not interested.

A. The procedure prescribed is as follows-

1) Sending RTR related mails to leaders/intellectuals/media to Server

Our official mail ID is it is a common mail ID for all = Server.

Whenever any volunteer sends a mail to a leader/intellectual/media/judge asking his/her stand on Right to recall Group proposed mails like TCP , RTR-lokpal, RTR-MP, RTR-PM etc, , please make a cc to

2) Receiving mails sent by other volunteers to netas/intellectuals/media/judges by activation of `Auto forwarding` of mails from server to mail ids of volunteers-

I request all volunteers to create separate mail ID for RTR Group activities.

Volunteers can use this mail ID for sending mails officially. And please send a request to enable auto forward to our official mail ID (please scroll down and see procedure below)

This will help other volunteers to get info about the mails other volunteers are sending to intellectuals/netas/media/judges.

I recommend using the format as

Any volunteer can request us for receive all mails / filtered mails which we receive in

Just post your mail-ID in comments we will send you confirmation mail to your mail ID

Just click the confirmation and auto forward will be enabled from

Activation of auto-forward will be done in a few days.

Since each Volunteers deal with different issues Volunteers can request for apply filter also which is Available as fitter option (Gmail)

B. Format of the letter, e-mail-



Subject: Drafts of TCP and RTR over PM, MP, Lokpal etc

Matter- (Please put your matter)


C. How to enable auto forward:

Click settings
Click forwarding and POP/IMAP
Type in add a forwarding address column
Click ADD
Confirm it
It needs to be approved from
After verification it will disappear in unverified addresses and it will appear on forward a copy of incoming mail to.

D. Rules and suggestions-

1. Do not auto forward your personal mail ID to (for security reasons)
2. Do not use your official mail ID for personal use. (for security reasons)
3. All other general terms of our community will applicable for this also
4. Please also post the reply/no-reply for the mail you sent to the leader/intellectual/media person/judge asking his/her stand on Right to recall proposed drafts also in your FB notes or in your blog etc.


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