First RRG Demand,Transparent Complaint Procedure ( RTI 2)

यहाँ आप प्रजा अधीन राजा समूह के प्रस्तावित क़ानून-ड्राफ्ट ( नागरिक द्वारा भ्रष्ट को बदलने/सज़ा देने का अधिकार , पारदर्शी शिकायत प्रणाली ,नागरिक-सेना के लिए खनिज रोयल्टी आदि ) पर चर्चा कर सकते हैं

You can discuss here law-drafts proposed by Right to Recall Group like Right to Recall, Jury System, MRCM etc.

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First RRG Demand,Transparent Complaint Procedure ( RTI 2)

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The First MRCM demand , promise

Added later- Please see the modified , latest version at -

CITIZENS VOICE/Transparent Complaint Procedure Gazette notification

1)if a woman voter or dalit
voter or senior citizen voter or poor voter or farmer voter or ANY citizen- voter in his district submits a Right to Information application or complaint against corruption or any affidavit to the Collector and requests to be put on the website of Prime Minister, the Collector or his designated clerk will issue a serial number and put that affidavit etc on the website of the Prime Minister for a fee of Rs 20 per page.
2)if a woman voter or a dalit voter or a , senior citizen voter or a poor voter or a farmer voter or ANY citizen-voter , comes with voter ID, and specifies Yes-No on an RTI application, complaint or any affidavit submitted in clause-1, the Patwari will enter his Officer Yes-No on the PM‟s website with his voter-ID and give a printed receipt for Rs 3 fee. The Patwari will also allow citizen to change his Yes-No for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder.
3)This CITIZENS`VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ GN is not a referendum procedure. The Yes-No count will not be a binding on PM, CMs, officers, If over 37 crore women voters, dalit voters, senior citizen voters, poor voters, farmer voters or ANY 37 crore citizen-voters register Yes on a given affidavit, then the PM may or need not take necessary action on the RTI application affidavit ; or the PM may or need not resign. PM‟s decision will be final.
I summarize the CITIZENS`VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ gazette-notification law as
o If a citizen wants, then by visiting Collector‟s office, he can put Complaint/RTI application/Proposal on PM‟s website.
o If a citizen supports an application, complain etc, then by visiting Talati‟s (Patwari etc) office,
citizen can register his support to an Complaint/RTI application/Proposal on PM`s website for a Rs 3/- fee.

1. If a citizen-voter comes to the Collector’s office and submits a letter to PM, the Collector would charge Rs 200 per page, issue a serial number and put the letter with citizen’s name , voter-number on PM’s website.

2. If a citizen-voter goes to the Talati's office, shows his voter ID, pays Rs. 3 fee, specifies a letter number and YES/NO on that letter or any law passed by MLAs/MPs - then the Talati will enter his voter-id, letter number, citizens name and YES/NO in his computer and provide the printed receipt to the citizen.

3. The Talati will publish YES-NOs on PM’s website with voter-id (note : there is no confidentiality).

4. Every Tuesday , the PM’s secretary will disclose the YES/NO count over various letters Tahsil-wise and provide total YES-NO counts for the Nation.

5. The YES/NO count will not be binding on PM, MP, any officer, any judge etc. Our second proposal gives legal value to YES/NO counts and we have elaborated that proposal in a later chapter. Later on, following features will get added to this proposal. These features are to reduce “bogus voting” and also to counter the argument that “there will be bogus voting and so this procedure must never ever exist.”

6. The citizen’s finger print will be in computer so that computer can verify the voter using finger-print identification.

7. A camera will be connected to the Talati’s computer so that it will scan the picture of the citizen and his finger print and store it as well as put it on the receipt of his YES/NO. This way a person is registering too many YES/NO, it would become possible to track and arrest him.

8. The citizen will be given a passbook that will have list of all YES/NO he has registered. So if anyone has registered YES/NO by impostering him, he will come to know about it

9. Every citizen will get a statement month showing list of YES/NO he registered in past e months. So if anyone has registered YES/NO by impostering him, he will come to know about it.

10. If the citizen wishes, he can register his mobile phone number and he will get SMS when he registers YES/NO. So if anyone has registered YES/NO by impostering him, he will come to know about it.

This will make YES-NO registration more secure than banking, Usually, hardly 1 out of 1000 citizens are interested in registering bogus voting and so with these safe-guards, he will be caught by 10th or 15th try and this will further reduce the number of bogus filers. Now “.5% of YES-NO may be bogus and so all 75 cr voters must not be allowed to register YES/NO” is a frivolous argument.

Will citizens be filing YES/NO 100s of times? NO.

The above GO does not require or even expect citizens to register YES/NO on every law. Nor does it mean that MPs , MLAs cannot make any more laws --- they may as they do now. The above GO only means that if a citizen wants to register YES/NO on some of the laws on Govt website , Govt shall not block him and Govt shall register his YES/NO on Govt website. Now out of 1000s of laws we have, not all will register YES/NO on all laws. But x% may register YES/NO on some 100-200 laws, and x% may be very high for laws such as DVA, 498A etc. This x% YESes or NOs can create a powerful movement for/against that law.

This GO simply creates “an additional option”. The citizens will depend on MLAs, MPs for most laws and demand to cancel the laws. But there are times when MLAs refuse to listen. eg Majority of citizens want 498A and DVA to be canceled, but MPs, MLAs insist on this law as this law fetches huge bribes to policemen (and MLAs, MPs get part of these bribes via IPS). Likewise, almost all commons I met agree that interviews during recruitments of judges, professors, policemen, students (in IIMs etc) should be banned but all MPs, MLAs and intellectuals insist on laws that promote interviews (it enables them to collect bribes, put their relatives and filter out meritorious but “ideologically inconvenient” people). These are the times when if citizens have procedure to register YES/NO on laws, they may be able to use it.

Why intellectuals oppose this Govt Order?

This GO we demand does not require allocation of hundreds of crores of rupees, does not require allocation of 1000s of staff, does not require 1000s of buildings or roads. It is nothing more than some 5000 lines of software program. And as per our Constitution as interpreted by the Citizens, CM does not need approval of MLAs to enact this change. Yet all parties’ MPs and intellectuals are hostile to this proposal. All parties’ leaders have hated this proposal and their CMs and PM have sworn not to sign this GO we demand. All intellectuals of India have opposed this proposal and have asked CMs and PM not sign this GO. Why?

On the basis of some of the laws, the judges imprison us commons. On the basis of some of the officers impose fines or collect taxes. On the basis of very same laws, they give grants and tax-breaks of hundreds of crores of rupees. And yet the intellectuals are insisting that we commons must NOT have any procedure to register YES/NO on any of these laws !! Why do intellectuals oppose use of Govt machinery in propagating us commons’ opinions on laws? Why do intellectuals oppose us commons’ letters coming on PM’s website?

Because if us commons’ wish becomes known to true non-80G-activists, then it will be difficult for intellectuals to stop non-80G-activists from agitating for that demand. I would give an analogy. Consider us commons as patients and consider the non-80G-activist as a doctor interested in serving the patients. Sadly, the doctor gets no chance to meet patients and has to depend on intellectuals to know what patients feel/need. And the intellectuals misguide the doctor. So despite the best efforts of the doctor, the patients will suffer.

The First MRCM demand creates a way by which patients (i.e. people) and the doctor (non-80Gactivists) communicate directly.

We at MRCM party pledge to sign this GO on the day one. And we also pledge to shut down our party in a State the if the CM of that State signs this First MRCM demand. We pledge to shut down the party in whole of India, if the PM signs on this First MRCM demand. We want this Govt Order ---winning election is not our goal. We do not want citizens to take pain to vote for us --- we only want citizens to take immense pain to ask their party’s CMs , PM to sign this Govt Order. We would ask citizens to vote for any MRCM party if and only if they want this proposed change and they are convinced that other party’s CMs, PM will not sign this Govt Order. This procedure is central to our MRCM’s political movement to modify the Indian administration. And our MRCM-claim is : within 10 years after non-80G-activists and citizens manage to force about 5 CMs and/or PM to sign the First Govt Order we demand to let us commons register our
YES/NO on laws passed by MPs and MLAs, India will be at par with West in terms of technology, economy and military. I would repeat my claim in a box :

The MRCM party’s claim : Within 10 years after the true non-80G-activists and citizens manage to force 5 CMs and/or PM to sign the Government Order to let commons register their YES/NO on the laws passed by MLAs and MPs, India will be at par with West in terms of technology, economy and military.

Our request to the citizens

We request all citizens as follows
1. Please take time to read every word of the first GO we at MRCM Party are demanding.
2. Please translate every word of this GO in your native language to ensure that you understand this GO
3. If you like this GO, please ask the leaders of party you support to get this GO signed e.g.
- if you support BJP, then we request you to ask BJP CMs to sign this GO
- if you support Congress, then we request you to ask Congress CMs to sign this GO
- if you support CPM , then we request you to ask CPM CMs to sign this GO
- if you support BSP, then we request you to ask BSP CMs to sign this GO
4. if they refuse to sign this GO, we request you to vote for any MRCM party candidate.

Draft of the first MRCM demand at national level
Following is the Govt Order that the citizens have to force the PM to sign so that we citizens can register YES/NO on laws passed by MLAs and MPs

Procedure for Procedure / instruction

1 District Collectors
All District Collectors are hereby ordered that if a citizens comes to their office with a letter to PM, they must accept letter for a fee of Rs 200 per page, issue a serial number with place/date , scan the letter and put the letter on PM’s website.

2 Talaties (or their Clerks)
All Talaties are hereby ordered that if a citizen comes to Talati’s office to register his YES/NO on any law passed by MLAs and MPs or any letter submitted to Collector in any part of India, then the Talati (or his clerk) would charge a fee of Rs 3 and must enter citizen’s voter-id, law name, clause number or letter number and the citizen’s YES/NO in his PC. The fee for BPL card holder will be Re 1.

3 Talaties (or their Clerks)
The Talati would provide a computer generated receipt to voter with letter number or name of the law, serial number of the clause, date the law was passed, the date when YES/NO was entered, the citizen’s voter number and his YES/NO.

4 Talati
The Talati will also allow citizen to change his YES/NO for Rs 3/- fee. The fee for BPL card holder will be Re 1.

5 District Collectors
The Collectors are ordered to ensure that YES/NOs the citizens come on Talati’s website any other link as later decided by Cabinet Secretary. The website should show citizen’s voter-ID number, name, his latest YES/NO and date when he filed YES/NO.

6 Cabinet Secretary (India)
The Cabinet Secretary or the officer designated by him will publish the YES/NO count for each law as on Friday closing on every Wednesday Cabinet Secretary decides.

7 For the purpose of informing citizens, it is hereby stated that the citizens' YES/NO will not be binding on any Minister, any officer or any court for the time being, till a law that gives weight to citizens’ YES/NO is enacted by MLAs, MPs. The citizens YES/NO and counts are only for citizens to get an authentic mechanism to know what other citizens opine on the laws passed by MLAs and MPs.

Draft of the First MRCM demand at State level

(Same as above, change word like PM to CM etc)

The benefit of the first MRCM demand

When a common man’s YES/NO on some laws will come on Govt Website, communication between commons and truly concerned citizens will become direct and we commons will know what other commons think. Currently, we commons have only one way to know what commons want newspaper polls. And they are highly one-sided and controlled by agents of elitemen, and so of no value to us commons. This procedure creates a far better substitute of opinion polls. This will intensify the demand for change citizens want.

The change creates a path for the next 4 and next 100 small changes in Indian Administration. Almost all MRCM proposals are modeled on this line --- they start with citizens registration of YES/NO on Govt website and then go all the way to all Govt plots, mines, CMO, PMO and Supreme Court. This GO will also help in letting a person know if he should read more on other GOs. If a person likes or learns to like the first GO, he would like or learn to like all 120 proposed GOs. And if he hates this first proposed GO, he is going to hate each and every GO we MRCM demand, promise.

MRCM’s first demand and the freedom of speech The citizens situation worsen when ways to promote spread of speech are not implemented orthey are blocked. When ways of spread of commons’ opinions are blocked, the elitemen’s opinions will travel and concerned citizens will get only one sided view. The “speech” literally means verbal speech only, but for all practical purposes, it includes written and now electronic ways as well. The first changeMRCM Party proposes is one of the cheapest and most time-efficient way by which a common citizens’ wish and voice will travel farthest and at fastest speed. The most important issues for a citizen wrt Govt are --- the laws MPs and MLAs have passed. And if the voices of citizens on these laws are registered onthe Govt website, the voices would travel fast, far and in an expensive way. All in all, my first MRCM demand is a mere systematic improvement of freedom of speech for/against a law passed. It is freedom to write on Govt website.

The intellectuals cannot oppose the use of private media for carrying the YES/NO of citizens on laws. So they have no option but to support it. But they openly oppose the use of Govt machinery to register us commons’ YES/NO on laws. Why? Because the private machinery can be easily manipulated by their masters elitemen by paying the mediamen and intellectuals. Where as Govt machinery such as Talati, Collector etc and given the codification of the procedure, is very difficult to manipulate. This is important reason why intellectuals have opposed use of Govt machinery to note citizens’ YES/NO on laws, but support use of private media for the same cause.

Why do we at MRCM demand such a tiny change only?

Our eventual goals giving mine royalties to citizens, giving procedure to replace SC's to citizens and so forth. But our first demand is tiny --- letting us commons register YES/NO on laws that are binding on us commons and that too the YES/NO counts have no legal weight in first round. So while there are other administrative changes in our agenda, the first change MRCM demands before CMs, PM, intellectuals etc is tiny. Why do we ask for such a tiny change ?

Because if we ask for a large change, we would end up giving years of time to CMs, PM and intellectuals. If the pro-common people and commons ask for large change, like employment or complete eradication of poverty or so forth, then that would automatically give the neta an excuse to ask for months and years of time. In this long years, CMs, intellectuals would do nothing and we would lose that long time. Also, when a leader denies a small change, it is easy for activists to mobilize movement against him. By asking leaders not for a big change, but for small change, and when the leader/intellectuals refuse to implement that small change, it would become possible for commons and pro-commons to convince the selfless elitemen that leaders and intellectuals are corrupt.

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