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Nitishkumar passes utterly useless Right to Recall law-draft

Posted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:39 am
by Ashish
Nitishkumar passes utterly useless Right to Recall law-draft

MMS, Nitishkumar and Narendra Modi are either three most honest leaders India has, or all three are the biggest con-men India has. I say so — because paid media(*) says that they are they are most honest, committed leaders. And when I look at the fine details of law-drafts they pass and actions they take, I see they are most “innocent” or most corrupt. The paid media never prints the details, and so the readers get a view that trio is “most committed and non-corrupt leaders” . Persons like me who see details get opposite view and when we air our view, we only get bashed for branding most honest leaders as defunct.

NaMo created a science stream maths exam for class-XII, in which EVERY single question was from textbook !! So much so that numbers too didnt change. If train ran at 70km/hr in textbook. the speed in examination paper was also 70 km/hr !! So paid media tells readers that NaMo is fully committed to improve Maths education in Gujarat. But when people like me look at details like examination papers, we tend to think otherwise.

Now Nitishkumar has given another such example.

Paid media says that Nitishkumar is extremely committed to Right to Recall. Since 1975, he has been supporting Right to Recall. Well, he has been MP since 1975 off and on, and has been having many MPs in his party. NK or any or his MP never proposed RTR-MP law-draft in Parliament. Nitishkumar never proposed law-draft to enact procedure for Right to Recall PM, Supreme Court judge. He has CM for 6 years. None of his districts have Right to Recall Police Chief or Right to Recall even District Education Officer. But he still claims that he is supporter of Right to Recall.

And finally, Nitishkumar approved Right to Recall law for City Councilor. Lets look at some details ... 36671&ap=1

“… -if two-thirds of the voters of their constituencies submit a signed petition to the urban development department against them. The department will look into the merit of the petition and take steps for the ouster of the councilors if it is convinced that they have lost the confidence of two-thirds of the voters.”

Now how the hell will the officer-in-charge verify signatures? In a bank, the cheque is a document issued by the bank, and so presence of cheque-paper itself is a semi-proof. Next the bank clerk has signature specimen, and next, customer gets notification by SMS or at least when he updates his passbook. so signature based document works in bank cheque. But the urban development officer does not have specimen signature of even 1% citizens, and so how can he verify 1000s of signature in reasonable time? And how will he know if same person hasnt signed 100 times? And in Bihar, where litracy rate is no more than 60%, how can one ever get signature of 67% of voters?

The draft only shows that Nitish is a crook and con-man posing himself as reformist. No true reformist will ever pose such useless draft. But just wait and watch, the paid media will take it as one of the best reforms even created in India.

(* – I refer to media as “paid media” because I believe that “all news/columns are paid or forced news/columns” and “all silences are paid or forced silences”. And force is not easy and it is rare. And so in most cases, news are paid news and silences are paid silences. And so I refer to media as “paid media”. And solution is see is to have Right to Recall Doordarshan CEO which will create “news paid by citizens” and hence will have least amount of “paid silences”)