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janta mat
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Post by janta mat » Sat Jun 18, 2011 7:04 am

Corruption = (Per capita discretionary powers) * (Opportunity to Form Nexus at individual level) * (other factors)

When persons have discretionary powers and opportunity to form nexuses, most of them will take bribes. And unless they are too greedy or over confident, they will never ever get caught. eg judges in India almost always use a relative lawyer or an old friend lawyer as a middleman, and so judges never leave any evidences of bribery. Likewise, most income tax babu or most babu take bribes ONLY via CAs or lawyers and never touch the client directly. There is an overhead and a loss, but that ensures that there is no witness or evidence. And even with these trusted friends and relatives, they communicate without direct words. After all, communication is an art of exchanging messages without telling in explicit words. There are some few greedy and over confident judges, PPs, babus etc who want to reduce the overhead and so they speak directly to bribe-giver client , and sometimes get caught. But over time, most babus, judges, PPs, neta etc would learn and deal indirectly only and so corruption will be rampant and yet there will be no "evidence". So "show me the proof that judges take bribes" like arguments are useful in suppressing debates but does improve situation.

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