Drafting of proposals can be done by illiterates even

यहाँ आप प्रजा अधीन राजा समूह के प्रस्तावित क़ानून-ड्राफ्ट ( नागरिक द्वारा भ्रष्ट को बदलने/सज़ा देने का अधिकार , पारदर्शी शिकायत प्रणाली ,नागरिक-सेना के लिए खनिज रोयल्टी आदि ) पर चर्चा कर सकते हैं

You can discuss here law-drafts proposed by Right to Recall Group like Right to Recall, Jury System, MRCM etc.

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Drafting of proposals can be done by illiterates even

Post by kmoksha » Thu Aug 04, 2011 8:46 am


If you really care for your proposals and would like your proposals to bring about some change in the administrative system of the country, please draft your proposals.

Government has lakhs of employees. And employees need instructions or drafts. If someone says to the govt. employees `Reduce Corruption`, they will not be able to implement this proposal properly or even may do damage to the country.

Govt officers follow orders written what is called as Gazette Notification (please google on Gazette Notification). The GNs(Gazette Notifications) are printed by Ministers. So if you are SERIOUS about changes you want, please tell all what exact text you want to be printed in Gazette to bring the changes you want.

Draft-making consists of mix of observation, information gathering and common sense.
For example, if you want to make law-draft regarding construction, you need to observe how construction is done, which government authorities are involved in regulating the construction.

One important thing is funding, that is where the funding will come from and who will bear the burden of the funds ?
We should try to arrange the funding in such a way that the funds come from the people who benefit from the law and the facilities the system will give to them.
Those who do not use the system should not be burdened with the funding in the form of extra taxes. For example, roads should be built from tax collected on vehicles etc.

Next, see whether the authorities involved, whether they can misuse your proposed draft or not.
According to the preamble of our constitution, the citizens of the country are the final authority. They are the masters and ALL government authorities are public servants. Your draft should ensure regulation by the citizens in such a way that the citizens can replace/punish the authorities if they become corrupt.This regulation should be visible and verifiable by everyone.

The selection procedures should prefer merit and should enable the broadest possible base of population to fill the posts.

Man and other animals are good at copying.
So, we suggest to first study existing and proposed drafts on the subject you want to make drafts and make your comments by quoting the clauses.

Some things you can copy from these drafts and rest you can innovate.

Draft-making is simple although some efforts are needed to gather information which can be done by going to the place where the activities of the subject under consideration is going and observing them and also by doing some googling and collecting some data and statistics.

It is duty of all citizens to make drafts and give it to their MPs/MLAs in order to present it to the speaker and get them implemented. If the citizens do not give drafts for the proposals they want to get implemented to MPs/MLAs, the MPs will make laws which are not useful for the citizens or even exploit the citizens or not make any law at all.

Even a illiterate person can draft using the suggestions mentioned above. So, please start drafting even if it has faults in the beginning.
The critics will mention those faults and those faults can then be rectified by you.


Let me give a example how a draft was made from a proposal.
(Please see the draft of Transparent Complaint Procedure in http://www.righttorecall.info/001.pdf)

The proposal was` That a complaint, proposal or a RTI application should come up on a public website so that it can be seen by everyone always and other people can support it or oppose it.`

The first step was kept that any voter can go to the collector office, will give his/her complaint to executive magistrate as affidavit on stamp paper and the clerk will scan the complaint and the same will come on a public website like pm website. Collector office was chosen so that the complaint can be given as affidavit. Because if false statement is given in affidavit, the person can be punished.

In collector office, there are always some magistrates who can verify the affidavit. The fees for the affidavit was kept accordingly keeping in mind expenses of executive magistrate and other personnel, finger scanning machine and scanning machine ,computer cost and maintenance.

The second step was kept that if the voter wants to support or oppose the complaint, he has to go the patwari/village(land record) officer, give Rs. 3(Rs.1 for below poverty line) and give his/her voter id details and finger print scan as verification.
Now, patwari offices are much more than collector office,which are only one in each district.Patwari office is one per 3-4 villages or one per 3-4 wards. This is convenient for the supporters to go to these offices which are near by , 2-5 km from their dwellings on average.
Cost of adding name to complaint was kept Rs. 3 keeping in mind cost of clerk,how many names he can add in one work-day, cost and maintenance of finger print scan machine , computer etc.

Last step was that these counts are not binding for the authorities like PM/Cm . This was kept because some intellectuals opposed this saying this system is unconstitutional whereas this is just giving people freedom of speech. The intellectuals did not tell which clause violates which clause of the constitution. To do away with the resistance the intellectuals were creating , this clause was made.

The clauses were refined with the comments obtained from critics over the years. So, critics are your best friend, start loving your critics.

That is all folks. Happy drafting.

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