How to deal with time-wasting strategy of anti-recallists

यहाँ आप प्रजा अधीन राजा समूह के प्रस्तावित क़ानून-ड्राफ्ट ( नागरिक द्वारा भ्रष्ट को बदलने/सज़ा देने का अधिकार , पारदर्शी शिकायत प्रणाली ,नागरिक-सेना के लिए खनिज रोयल्टी आदि ) पर चर्चा कर सकते हैं

You can discuss here law-drafts proposed by Right to Recall Group like Right to Recall, Jury System, MRCM etc.

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How to deal with time-wasting strategy of anti-recallists

Post by kmoksha » Wed Aug 24, 2011 1:49 am

As Right to recall procedures are finding more acceptance, anti-recallists will try to waste time of recallists in useless debates so that the Right to recall draft-procedures do not spread.
Therefore, giving some guidelines how to debate on RTR procedures.

1)Compare the existing procedures with the proposed procedures and see how they will benefit or harm the country in a given scenario-

Anti-recallists will try to tell the flaws of the RTR procedures. They will try to make the discussion one-sided, that is only flaws of RTR-procedures , without comparing it with the present system or their favourite laws.

2) Please ask everyone to first clear their stand on a issue/draft NOW(not in next life)-

example `Whether they support or oppose Janlokpal without Right to recall-corrupt lokpal (by citizens) clauses NOW?

If they say , they oppose it, ask what they are doing to oppose it ?

If they say. they support it, ask them to paste the clauses in Janlokpal which will stop lokpal from taking bribes and depositing in foregn banks and selling the country to MNCs, etc whoever is the highest bidder. Please insist on pasting the clauses as without the clauses , the anti-recallist can either deliberately or unknowingly give the wrong facts than what the clauses of the bill actually say. E.g. the complaint against the lokpal will be made by common people. While the truth is that anyone, including relatives of Supreme court judges can file a petition, after which the SC judges will decide whether to remove the lokpal or not.

If they show the clauses that tell SC judges will remove the corrupt lokpal, ask why are all-powerful SC judges not doing anything to punish the corrupt MPs , ministers and the Supreme court judges, even if honest will not be able to prosecute the lokpal without any evidences as the foreign/Swiss Banks will give no records of the bank accounts and transactions.

If they say, they are punishing them, then tell why you need Lokpal then, and why they do not write to the SC judges , whom they so much trust to reduce corruption instead of spending crores on lokpal .

If they say, that SC judges do not have power to punish the MPs, show them this article, where the SC judges are tellling `sky is the limit for their powers`-

(“The limits of power exercised by the Supreme Court when it chases injustice, are the sky itself, a Bench of the apex court has said. ... 288114.ece )

3) The name is not important, the procedure is-
In three states,-Rajasthan, Bihar and Chattisgarh ,there is law named `RTR-corporator` but in all three states, the procedures are different and our proposed law to remove/replace the corrupt corporator is different. So, please focus on the procedure and tell the anti-recallist to quote the clauses of the draft which he/she is referring to while making comments.
4) Please focus on the procedure and the clauses ONLY, how they will benefit or harm the country in a given scenario .
The anti-recallists will try their best to divert you away from the main issue by talking about the persons and comparing persons. Only procedures can bring changes in a system, good or bad. So, focus on the procedures.

Also, procedure will tell whether the law is good or useless. The above mentioned RTR-corporator laws in the three states are useless as they do not give the common citizens the power to remove/replace the corrupt corporator.For, example, Bihar`s RTR-corporator law says that 66% of the citizens of the area, if they give their signatures to the collector, the collector will verify the signatures and if they are found to be true, the corporator will be removed. But , in our country, there is no signature records of the citizens with the government. So, there is no possibility that signatures can be verified . That is why we must focus on the procedures.

5) Comparing corruption in two countries or two areas –

When comparing corruption in two countries or two areas, compare the corruption department by department and in district, state and national level. Compare the procedures which are existing in the countries with the procedures which are proposed and give exact scenario how the proposed procedures can harm or benefit the country if it is implemented, quoting the clauses of the procedure-draft.

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Re: How to deal with time-wasting strategy of anti-recallist

Post by kmoksha » Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:32 pm


Very soon, every leader may run to add RTR in his agenda.

Most will be anti-Recallists and will try to subvert it.

We have to inform the activists about some sentences that will make them fail to subvert the agenda. Which sentences?

1. Anti-recallists will insist on inefficient and unmanageable signature based recall procedure and oppose appearance based recall procedures.

And so we have to tell activists that a true recallists will always support appearance based procedure. In appearance based procedure, person has to himself walk to Patwari's office and support replacement or demand recall or both. While in signature based, activists has to collect signature and Govt officer has to verify, which is impossible task.

2. Anti-recallists will promote RTR-sarpanch, RTR-corporator etc and will oppose RTR-Lokpal, RTR-PM etc.

We have to tell all activists that person who talks of bheekh and chillar liken RTR-sarpanch is pseudo-recallist.

3. Anti-recallist will evade discussion on drafts.

We have to confront him with insult that "are you going to give draft in next life time"? And many tricks. I will later make document of all tricks anti-recallists use. And we have to inform activists about counter-tricks ahead of them.

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