Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone else

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Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone else

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:33 pm

A)In 301 pdf,( )section
23.9 Solution-2 : Changes in deposits and lending system-

1) ` The Govt banks shall only support savings accounts where persons will get 6% interest on minimum balance held in the year. For senior citizens, it will be 8% interest on minimum balance held in the year below Rs 15,00,000 and 4% on amount above Rs 15,00,000. In addition, the interest will be 3% of minimum balance in the month.`

Not clear whether how much senior and non-senior citizens will get interest?

Why different rates for senior citizens for deposits above and below 15 lakhs?
2) Ashish said`Once price of real estate increases, all price increases`.
Is it true? If yes, how is it?
A-Demand for all the products will not going to increase as per Real Estate Price Increment or in a manner that people can afford Rent... or Own House. So, simply to patch up with House Rent price of all the products start increasing. If rent of house increase 12,000 Rs per year, person needs to increase profit margin to cop with their house rent.

I would like to start with Grosary Shop Association. If shop has market value worth 20 lakh and they are selling 1000 X Figure. Now shop owner will consider 20 lakh and calculate with current Interest Rate with saving account of Government Bank and accordingly set price & profit margin to cop with their daily needs.
So they need to make atleast 10,000 Rs profit with shop considering 6% interest rate and they only have demand for 1000 X figure in their area. So shop owner will associations will slowly start increasing prices.
(1) When Price of Real Estate Increase, there will be first increase in the price of good & stuffs which are in Monopoly, Branded or Natural Products. (Examples are Crude Oil, Gold, 5 Star Hotels, Copper, Steel), simply to keep profit and business expansion. There is no Government Control on this or Government do not want to control this.
(2) Once price of Real Estate Increase, rent will be increase slightly for Houses & Shops.
- Example, if shop is vacant but anyone is not ready to pay Rs. 1000 Rent then Shutter of the Shop will remain closed.
- If poor family will come and give Rs. 200 rent then shop-owner is not going to give shop on rent on Rs. 200 to poor family who are living on road. Again There is no Government Control on this or Government do not want to control this.
(3) Once price of Rent Increases, price of all products start increases. There is no Government Control on this or Government do not want to control this.
You can not sell 10. Rs Sandwich in Shop. The same Sandwich you can sell in Rs. 10 on Road including Police hapta or bribe.
(4) For products which have limited supply in India like Raw Food Items (Rice, Grains Etc), only 0.5% people are controlling its price. Those people are mostly wholesalers. Who purchase stuff from Farmers and Sell to General Public. So, once price increased for luxury projects, they will start increasing their profit margin. There is no Government Control on this or Government do not want to control this.
(5) Price of product also depends from where that product has been Sold. Like in Ahmedabad, if you purchase Jeans & Shirts from C.G. Road it costs 3,000 Rs considering price of Show-Room is 1 Crore. Now suppose there is increase of price in shop, Shop-owner-association will increase the price of Jeans on C.G.Road to patch-up with 6% interest income. Demand is the same. Demand is not going to increase as per Real Estate Standards. So, when price of Real Estate Increases, people of cities has to suffer a lot.
3)In the wealth/inheritance tax(see draft no 43, )

, you have proposed

a)what if someone does not have any income? How will he pay the wealth tax?

b)Section-4 is not clear. What is personal, impersonal and semi-personal especially semi-personal?

c)Section5-What is indexed book value and circle value of property?

d)Sections 6.7 and 6.8 not clear

e) Also explain inheritance tax calculation,(draft no.44, point no. 23)

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:36 pm

Q.Also please comment on statement made by Anil Gidwani ` But is that how it works in monetary policy around the world? Did the RBI make such a law or is that how foreign exchange markets work by definition? I think it is by definition. Other countries (like Brazil) are so concerned that they have imposed capital controls like tax on inflows now.`(in Jury System Against Corruption Group`
A-In banking system, everything is by artificial - by laws, statutes and orders of RBIG. Definitions are also artificial and are by law, Govt Orders, internal rules etc
Q.Do you think India Leaks( will reduce corruption?
A-IndiaLeaks will have zero impact on corruption. In case of 2G scam, it was reported to newspapers (that Raja asked for Rs 1640 cr cheque to be brought in in 40 minutes) by Govt itself !! Yet newspapers hid the scam for 3 years. So transpare...ncy achieves NOTHING. What we need is procedures by which we citizens can punish corrupt. These procedures are RTR, Jury, Narco Test in Public by Majority Approval, Imprisonment by Majority Approval, Execution by Majority Approval etc . We already have most information. What would leaks add?

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:57 pm

‎003)RahulBhai, Please give detailed procedure how the executive notification is carried out? who takes the decision whether to give a notification-parliament or cabinet? Please give some links regarding the same.
A-Links of executive notification by cabinet-
1) ... y-19-2005/
2) ... tte569.pdf
‎3) ... e-services
Q‎004)In 301pdf (,section 5.3.11-MRCM yearly rent for plot=market_price * prime_interest_rate/3.Please explain why it is so?
A-In most markets in Indian cities as of now, rent is 33% of deposit rate. You can compare around in your areas and post the rate. eg what is the rent fetched by a flat worth Rs 50 lakh in Gurgaon?
In gurgaon, the rent of flat worth 50 lakh will fetch Rs. 12,000-15,000 monthly approx. But prime interest rate(prime lending rate) is variable
from bank to bank.How is that taken?
Currently "prime" interest rate on bank deposit is 9%. So 50 lakhs in bank would fetch Rs 450k. The rent fetches about Ts 150k to Rs 180k as you said. IOW, rent is about (about) 33% of possible interest income. As I said, I did... a rough survey of several flats in about 5 cities, and I saw the ratio of 33%. Now when interest rate increases, rents also increase though effect is not immediate but long term. We can take prime rate as what major banks like SBI, BoB etc offer. Also, once procedure to expel SBI Chairman comes, interest rates will not fluctuate wildly but become stable.
Q‎005)What will the builders do with the plots after they have got it for rent like plots of IIM,JNU,Gujarat Vidyapeeth etc? Can they start any commerical activity or construct any commercial building there? Are there any guidelines for that?
Answer of 005) The builders after taking the rented plots of IIM, JNU, Gujarat Vidyapeeth etc can use it for agricultural, residential or commercial purposes according to the defined use of the plot

Q006) In 301 pdf, section 5.7, crude oil royalty calculation-
1)`Production in India = 660,000 barrels per day`- not clear production of what? Is it production of refined oil? How much India imports and how much drilled in India crude oil?
No draft for royalties of crude oil, coal,etc given. Please give the full draft so that the local people with steps taken that local people there are not exploited.
Answer of 006) 25% of crude oil consumption is produced in India which is 660,000 barrels per day. it is proposed in MRCM to sell it at international prices and give the royalty to the citizens.

Q007)Section 5.8,`the price of land will fall, as renting makes hoarding very expensive`.Please explain why?
Answer of 007)MRCM makes hoarding of land expensive because will have to give rent whereas of now no rent is given on these plots. After MRCM comes, the rent will be collected which will be distributed to the citizens. When hoarding of land becomes expensive, this will reduce land prices and facilitate industries and local manufacture of goods.

Q008)What is the best way of handling dowry related cases so that justice is given to all parties involved?
Answer of 008) Justice will be done to the parties involved in dowry cases ONLYwhen Jury and Truth serum test by jury procedures come.

009)Can putting approvals for RTR-CMand RTR-PM be made via secret ballot instead of open approvals?
Answer-009 : Pls list the draft which makes approval secret. And open ballot hurts no one. If a candidate gets few lakh approvals, PM wont bother citizens who approved him . And if a candidate has crores of approvals, then PM is not in a po...sition to bother so many. Nevertheless, if you want confiential voting - I have no problem. We can also have both (as in case of procedure to expel District Police Chief). But what draft do you propose to implement confidential approvals for PM, CM?

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:26 pm

Answered by Rahul Bhai 010)-Womb renting in India became an industry after MMS passed a law in 2004 that courts must enforce surrogacy contracts. Before that , the birth giving mother had full rights over the new born and so surrogacy was low because even after paying huge sum to the surrogate mother, she could anytime claim the new baby back.
Q011) Majority citizens want VAT and WTO to end. So if we demand for CITIZENS VOICE,we can get rid of VAT and WTO in 2-3 weeks. How?
A-After proposal of 300% custom duty, India will be removed from WTO.And VAT is disliked by majority of traders.
Q012) Why are we approaching collector and his staff for something on which they cannot do anything at all? We should be approaching PM.Explain
Answer-The collector has no power to send the documents sent for signature and will collect dust.
Each and every country which uses judge system have corrupt courts, corrupt police and corrupt polity. Exceptions to this rule are Singapore(has no real economy,has headquarters of MNCs),South Korea, Taiwan(US does not want these econonies to break down or else communist regime will come), Israel(has war like state and discipline due to which corruption is less)
013)Why MIG-Jets always come in headlines for crashing somewhere? Is the technology not good enough? From Which country its bought from? Are the Indian Scientists not good enough to make this or they are not getting opportunities?
014)Why is there need for RTR overWomans commissioner,Charity commissioner,Bar Council chairman at state, national and district levels?
A-Because they are posts of middle level of administraton who have enough powers to misuse and damage the country and RTR over them will prevent that.
015)Who will give advice to jurors on legal ,technical issues?
A-Both the lawyers and the judge will give.
016)What if Jury system alone comes and Right to recall Supreme Court chief judge does not come?
A-The jury system will be manipulated by the judges, politicians etc by use of their influence.
‎017) How the Supreme court after taking bribes in their relatives name, take their share of bribes ?
A- By means of consulting fees taken in their progeny/spouse name, cheap land in their name etc.
018) How riot related news helped Modi in getting publicity?
A- Modi pays the media for giving such type of news which will get sympathy from his supporters
019) Are there any disadvantages of land reforms?
A- There are no disadvantages of land reforms although MRCM , wealth tax has far more benefits and far more effective.
‎020) Gowshalas do not support bullock slaughter ban?
A- This has been part of tradition that the gowshalas sell bullocks for slaughter.

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:31 pm

021)Benaami lands/shares are taken via Power of Attourney?
A- Yes. Also with the help of trusts, Companies. The land/shares are bought in the name of unregistered trusts, fake companies etc.
022) Has RRG proposed MRCM over trust land?
A- No MRCM over trust land since it is private. But double wealth tax proposed for trust land.
023)What is cause of devaluation ?
A- Increasing rupee volume supply by manufacturing of M3(rupees) by RBI, decrease of exports and increase of imports which lead to more rupee supply and less demand of rupees compared to other currencies.
024) Before 1993, selection of Supreme court, High Court etc judges happened by President/legislature with the consultation of the Supreme court judges. But after 1993, the appointment happens by the recommendation of the supreme court jud...ges and the legislature has to approve it. Why this change occurred?
A- This occured since in 1993, there was a judgement regarding this where the Supreme court judges `reinterpreted`the consitituton as per their whims and interests and changed the system under the system of `independence of judiciary`. Please see this link-
025) What if a party/candidate makes drafts and does not implement it when elected?
A-It is possible. Therefore the... focus is mass-movement for `Transparent complaint/proposal procedure gazette notification` to force the PM/cabinet to sign it and via this to bring other laws in interest of the common people.
026) Right to recall procedures not efficient for posts having authority over less than one lakh voter population. Why?
A- Because those posts will have low discretionary power.For those posts, jury system is better to prevent corruption in those posts.
027) Can a system be made for registering online transparent complaint procedure ?
A- yes. Using secure SMS, mobile no., similar to used in mobile trading of shares.

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:33 pm

Q028) Is there need for elections with RTR procedures?

Q029) Rajiv Gandhi was misguided or corrupt? Was Indira Gandhi corrupt?

Q030) Procedure by which at present RBI decides how much currency to be issued ?
A- Finance Minister decides. There is no public feedback.

Q031) What are `jury training courses`?

Q032) Is it true that for overissue of currency, RBI has tools like interest rate, CRR, SLR etc to put check on inflation A- This is all drama. Inflation does not decrease by these. Inflation will decrease if illegal rupee manufacturing by RBI for the super-rich is stopped.

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:36 pm

Q033) Will we have to educate those who are summoned for Jury duty?
Q034 ) Was Adarsh Scam exposed by RTI ?
A-No, it was exposed via court proceedings. But media gave credit to RTI to give publicity to RTI.
Q035 ) 2G royalties distributed amongst citizens will make mobile fares costlier ?
A- Minor. The small scale consumers will benefit as he will get more cash in hand compared to what he will lose via minor increase in fares as his usage is very less.
Q036) Why yemen with 54.8% gun ownership has high corruption?
A- Because it does not manufacture guns . So, guns are not available freely due to which the lower sections are oppressed.
Q037) Future markets are necessary ?
A- Yes. They cushion the loss/risk in some businesses wherein the rates fluctuate a lot.
Q038 ) Indira Gandhi removed Jury System from Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in 1971 ? Was not jury system abolished by Nehru?
A- Yes. Nehru abolished Jury system. Indira removed Jury System clauses from CrPC in 1971.
Q 039 ) What is meaning of aasil ?
A- Client of lawyer

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:43 pm

Q040 ) Why did Sonia decide not to be PM ?

Q041) Will there be language issues amongst jury members when the jury is to be selected nationally?
A- No. Summons will be in multiple languages and there will be national translators.
Q042) In the proposed transparent complaint procedure, can court order to remove any complaint from records ?
A- Yes. But person who gave it cannot himself remove it.
Q 043 ) How neta and judges use their wealth of trusts?
A- They have their cars, bungalows in the name of trusts.
Q 044) Why did US have recession in 1930s ?
Q045) What is the use of putting a RTI application on Pm website in transparent complaint/proposal procedure and then adding YESes/NOs ?
A-The RTI application will get support if it is demand of lakhs of people.
Q046) With RTR-PM, can happen that Pm is of one party while MPs are of another party ? If yes, will it cause friction
A- Yes.It is possible. There will be no friction since MPs will not dare oppose Pm who has support of crores of people.
Q047)"No one in world can create a gang of even 5000 criminals. When gang size reaches that high, the person has to become pro-citizen, and cant afford to be anti-citizen. In case you have noticed, the criminals try to victimize new-rich an...d only a handful of commons, the criminals never dare to victimize established rich or a large number of commons --- it simply does not work out. So the fear that someone will manage to force even 1 cr voters, forget 24 cr voters, is too unrealistic." EXPLAIN . ... ls#p675915

Q 048) Why is corruption high in Greece, Italy even if it has Jury system? A- It has weak jury system with unaccountable judges having most of the power.
Q 049) Why is corruption less in South Africa even though it has no Jury System ?
A- Because it is relatively simple economy. Most of the economy is from exports of natural resources. Simple economies are under influence of other countries to a large extent. Like, South Africa is under influence of UK.
Q050) ... er#p291422

So in most parts of Gujarat, large land owners lost the land. But dalit did not get any major share.... Many times, landlord would be Kshtriya, tiller would be a dalit but a middle manager would be there who could be Patel or Kshtriya or Bania. In most cases, the middle manager, who was NOT the actual tiller, got the land and not the dalit tiller. Please elaborate.

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:49 pm

Q051) What should be the criteria for selection of number of jury for a particular case ?

Q052) Is pre-selection , exemption from jury duties, and selection of jury members by lawyers necessary ?

Q053) What is best procedure for jury proceedings for appellate courts?

Q054)What is Principal Sessions Judge and Sessions judge? What powers of ruling the district magistrate has?

Q055)Do drafts for truth serum test (See all drafts,draft no.68,) need constitutional change?

Q056) Do Commons across countries support each other?

Q057 ) Is it true that during operation Parakarm, Nilekani and his boss Murthy convinced Vajpayee to back off? if yes, is there any proof ?

Q058) If M.K.Gandhi promoted trusteeship of private property, what was wrong with that?

Q059) Is sequestration of jury required in any situation ? Is it good ?

Q060) ... ng#p625570

... making at attempt to kill 1-2 Jurors per Jury would amount to killing 50-100 Jurors a year and would surely cause poor vs rich civil war./////Please elaborate.

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Re: Questions to be answered by Rahul Bhai Mehta or anyone e

Post by kmoksha » Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:53 pm

Q061) Is it possible to stop software piracy ? Why does microsoft allow it?

Q062) In 1971, russians refused to let us attack Pakistan West and grab Pakistan occupied Kashmir and we had to obey Russians as we were dependant on russians .Is it true? If yes, please give links.

Q063) Why upper caste MPs cannot reduce no. of OBC MPs ?
A- Because other castes are becoming more capable by becoming educated, etc.

Q064) Why is irrevocable Power of Attourney a loophole in land reforms?

Q065) Why is west anti-communist in general?

Q 066) Are written exams are better than election of railway clerks ? If so, why?

Q 067) What are progressive tax proposals ?

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