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Jury Quotes

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1. The theory of mass injustice against jurors would trigger civil war may be true;

2. ... why should some completely unrelated person pay the price and get dragged into a power struggle because of jury system? If this is the cost/sacrifice people need to make to put the system in place, lets call it that way or lets find a solution for it.

3. however, I am not sure how this can be applied in Indian context as the problems India faces are unique (especially deep TOT between police/neta/criminal nexus) and needs unique solutions.

4. ... how do you ensure quality of the jury to positively contribute to closure of the court case..

5. you can not simply do that by law/force...as they say you can lead a horse to water; but, you cannot make them drink.

1. This far fetched. Civil war happens when one community is against another. The judge sys or JurySys has nothing to do with this.

2. The citizens pay the price of the crimes anyway. The JurySys reduces the price citizens will pay compared to the judge sys. As in judge system, big criminals have nexuses with judges relatives and so they always get away.

3. The hafta culture has spread ONLY because we commons dont have Recall/Jury. No pain, no law. The neta, policemen, judges etc see that pain in breaking the law by taking hafta is almost zero, and so they take hafta everyday. Recall/Jury and other laws I have proposed (such as "Trial By Majority with Prior Consent of Accused") create methods by which citizens can inflict pain on neta, policemen, judges who have taken bribes and thus reduce bribes.

4. In the proposed laws I have drafted, the Jurors are chosen at random. If anyone has a better Jury selection procedure code, he is welcome to provide an draft of an alternate law. I will specify my YES/NO after reading that law.

5. Citizens have a natural Hatred against criminals, corrupt and tax-evaders. This Hatred against criminals, corrupt and tax-evaders is what makes the Jurors active in the case. Every Juror knows that if criminals gets away, the number of crimes will rise and he or his family member can be next victim. And so every Juror does want criminals behind bars and at the same time wants innocents stay unharmed. So till date, in almost all Juries since 1000 AD, Jurors have shown very minimal tendency to escape Jury Duty - far less that efforts people make to dodge Military drafts or witness summons. IOW, if horse is thirsty, and taken to water, he will drink. So given that Jurors have Hatred against criminals, corrupt and tax-evaders, the Jurors do serve their Jury Duty.

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