Adoption of Thorium Nuclear Program

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Adoption of Thorium Nuclear Program

Post by arindam » Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:28 pm

I want to know your opinions on this.

Thorium is a radioactive element.India has the biggest share of it about 25% in the world.
Thorium is very less radioactive and unlyk uranium,produces less neutrons. This avoids uncontrollable chain reactions. Infact in nuclear meltdown, thorium decomposition is AUTOMATICALLY(naturally) stopped within a short time.
India's pioneer Homi J. Bhaba formulated the Fast Breeder Technology and The Three Stage Programme, a very safe way to utilise thorium and plutonium.

Coming to the main point, we welcomed the Nuclear deal with great enthusiasm as our nuclear isolation was over (after Pokhran) and we got permits to import uranium. Little did we know, it was a plan by US and EU to make sanctions against India and stop this technology. On top of this they took this technology and currently EU,US,Russia and China have started making thorium reactors.

Recently UPA silently abandoned the technology despite protests. Probably US dictated them on this because US, EU doesnt want a 3rd world country to jump to 1st world(thorium trade can actually make india a commercial superpower).

So what do u think? Should India embrace isolation again and continue the work initiated by Homi Bhaba or should it be a 'chela' to US and EU?

Regarding the first option, even if India gets isolated, after some time, other countries would HAVE TO trade with us for thorium, especially because apart from the initial costs and less energy generation, it is in every way better than uranium. But by following 2nd option India has a strategic chance to seek help from US if Pakistan or China wage war against us(the only thing US has done for india is the Headly case,but thats miniscule with respect to the millions of dollars US is giving aid to Pak)

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