Some clarifications on Right To Recall-Lokpal

यहाँ पूरे जन्लोक्पल ड्राफ्ट पर चर्चा करें (केवल 2 पेज के पर्चे पर नहीं) ; Please discuss here on FULL Janlokpal draft (not just the 2 page pamphlet)

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Some clarifications on Right To Recall-Lokpal

Post by admin » Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:12 pm

First proposal is `Citizen's Voice`

First, the KEY proposal is not RTR-Lokpal but allowing citizens to post affidavits on Lokpal's website by visiting DC's office and paying Rs 20 fee to clerk. So that he doesnt need to send a registered AD to Lokpal. The issue is not cost of registered AD, but it is common experience in corruption related cases that some key papers that were sent in cover disappear. A citizen still may send sealed cover if he doesnt want his complaint to come in public. But the draft MUST have option by which citizen can go to DC's office and ask DC's clerk to scan and upload the complaint on Lokpal's website.

Next , why do I request procedure by which citizen can visit Talati's office and add his name? Say 1 lakh people who have no voice in media want to put a complaint. Now if all one lakh have to go to DC's office, it is law-order nightmare. Hence the second clause, which says that "allow person to visit Talati's office (Talati = Patwari), and add his name on a a complaint filed before for Rs 3 fee". This saves money to citizen and also saves a lot of headache to system.

The exact draft of RTI2 aka CV is at


Next, I would clarify on proposed RTR-Lokpal clauses

proposed RTR-Lokpal doesnt cancel the proposed procedures in existing JL-draft (section-6 and section-7) by which SCjs can expel Lokpal. i.e. proposed RTR-Lokpal-clauses are only addition and ask for no deletions. Now whether 37 cr citizens agree on alternative candidate for Lokpal or not depends MAINLY on how good or bad existing Lokpal is.

If existing Lokpal is good (or bad within bad but within limits), citizens wont bother. If existing Lokpal is terrible, they will start looking for alternative. Now in approval system, where each can approve at most 5 (or more), approval for one good candidate doesnt negative approval for other good candidates. Please see

And quite frankly, what exactly is the issue? If citizens dont have consensus on next change, then next change wont happen. That is natural. The issue is what if citizens DO have consesus? eg many of us are diverse, but many of us do think that NaMo would make a good Lokpal. So I dont think that consesus will always be absent. And if it is there - then also we shouldnt let alternative take over?

And please make up mind. On one hand some say -- rich will be able to create consesus by buying voters and next we hear that there will never be consesus. As far as I think, rich cant buy votes in proposed RTR procedure because citizen has option of changing approval. So rich will have to pay Rs 100 to 35 cr voters everyday and it is not viable even if all rich of India come togather. So money buying voters is out of question.

And finally, my proposal says : if IAC cant agree with RTR-Lokpal-Chairperson, then pls put RTR-Lokpal-member on just TWO members other than Chairman. Now if two of 10 member are bad, and rest 8 are supposedly good, then no damage can happen.

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