Letter to Anna ji to allow transparent public opinion proced

यहाँ पूरे जन्लोक्पल ड्राफ्ट पर चर्चा करें (केवल 2 पेज के पर्चे पर नहीं) ; Please discuss here on FULL Janlokpal draft (not just the 2 page pamphlet)

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Letter to Anna ji to allow transparent public opinion proced

Post by janta mat » Sat Apr 16, 2011 3:11 pm

Letter to Anna ji to allow transparent public opinion procedure in Janlokpal draft committee

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Anna ji,

There is no procedure for taking public opinion in a transparent way for ALL voters to give their opinion on the Janlokpal draft or who should be in the Janlokpal Drafting committee. Transparent has been defined by us as Visible and verifiable anywhere, anytime and by anywhere.

Presenting one such transparent procedure for public opinoion on Janlokpal draft and who should be in the Janlokpal Draft Committee.Please ask Government to issue following Gazette notification-

clause-1 : Any person who wishes to be in Janlokpal Draft Committee can register his name at Collector's office for fee same as MP-election deposit.

(Explanation : He does not need internet ; he only needs to visit DC's office)

clause-2 : Candidate's name will come on PM's website

(Explanation : Candidate doesnt need internet ; he only needs to visit DC's office)

clause-3 : Any citizen can walk to Patwari's office and register YES/NO for 5 names per seat for Rs 1 fee per approval. Patwari will enter the name in the PC and his name will come on PM's website along with voter id. details.

(Explanation : The citizen doesnt need internet. He needs tovisit Patwari's office and Patwari will put his name on PM's website for R1 fee.)

clause-4 : Any citizen can cancel his approval for Re 1 fee.

(Explanation : if a money bag buys say lakhs or crores of approvals for sat Rs 100, then citizens will ask him to pay Rs 100 everyday and he will soon run out money and thus money will become non-issue in approval filing)

clause-5 : The Counts will be done weekly or monthly according to convenience of Anna ji and PM and results displayed on PM website. Based on Approval counts, Annaji and PM will decide who will become Draft Committee members . Their decision will be final.

clause-6 : If a person is not committee member but his approval count now has 1 cr more approval than member with lowest approvals , then Anaji and PM may expel the member with lowest approval and appoint the person with more approval as member. Their decision will be final


clause-7 : If a citizen wants to send suggestion to Draft Committee, he/shemay submit suggestion by paying RS 20 fee to Collector's clerk and as affidavit filed before Executive Magistrate on stamp paper of Rs 20. The clerk will post it on PM's website

clause-8 : If a citizen wants to submit a suggestion which is already submitted by someone, he can pay Rs 3 fee to Patwari and Patwari will add his name on the suggestion on the PM's website for Rs 3 fee

clause-9 : Citizen can cancel his name any day for Rs 1 fee.

If this procedure is introduced, the public will be able to give their opinion in a transparent way on who should be part of the Janlokpal draft committee.

Request you to ask the govt. the same.

In case you do not agree to the above procedure, kindly give ANY OTHER procedure so that the voters of India can give their suggestions on the Janlokpal.

Thanking you,


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