Request to add`RTR-Janlokpal`Transparent Complaint Procedure

यहाँ पूरे जन्लोक्पल ड्राफ्ट पर चर्चा करें (केवल 2 पेज के पर्चे पर नहीं) ; Please discuss here on FULL Janlokpal draft (not just the 2 page pamphlet)

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Request to add`RTR-Janlokpal`Transparent Complaint Procedure

Post by janta mat » Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:42 pm

Request to make `Right To Recall-Janlokpal` and `Transparent Complaint Procedure` additions in JanLokpal

Open letter to Annaji - from Common man

(If you, reader, like these proposals, forward this letter to Annaji , all)

• Online : Filling in the form at
• Email : Sending us an email to
• Postal mail : Mail us your comments to the following address
Lokpal Bill Public Consultation
A-119, Kaushambi
Ghaziabad - 201010

Dear Annaji ,

Like dictators, the 10 Lokpals will have power to suspend anyone. Unlike dictators, they wont commit to deliver food, growth and protection from criminals and foreign armies. Absolute power, no commitments. So I fear that Lokpals will become corrupt, nepotic and MNC agents. You say "Lokpals will be selected by PM, SCjs, HCCjs, CAG, CEC transparently(?), and so they will never become corrupt". I disagree -— selection procedures guarantee nothing. Deterrence after appointment is must. I saw all 40 pages of draft. Only deterrence I saw is section-7 saying SCjs may expel a Lokpal. Now SCjs are as non-corrupt as Ministers. So section-7 is useless.

So I see no clauses to deter Lokpals from becoming corrupt, nepotic, MNC agents and selling away India for cash or foreign awards. To create deterrence, I request you to add following clauses: (Exact drafts are in and explanations are in )

I have also submitted the following proposed changes on Lokpal consultation website and serial number given is # (INSERT ACTUAL NO.) :

1. Right to Recall Corrupt Lokpal : RTI failed because we citizens have no Right to Recall Information Commissioners. During fasts, I heard Right to Recall Lokpal on TV. But I see no RTR-Lokpal-clauses in draft so far. So if Lokpal is corrupt, we citizens will be ruined. Maharshi Dayanand says “Raja must he Prajaa-aadheen; and if Raajvarg is not Prajaa-aadheen, they will rob citizens and destroy nation". So I ask you to make at least one of 10Lokpals, Prajaa-aadheen i.e.replaceable by us commons. RTR-Lokpal will deter Lokpal from becoming corrupt. RTR-Lokpal clauses I propose are in . Please add better or these RTR-Lokpal•clauses in draft in next few weeks and not postpone till next life time. And please tell us ASAP if you oppose Right to Recall Lokpal.

2. Please at least put transparent complaining procedure in Lokpal : If RTR-Lokpal is too much, please at least give us a transparent complaining procedure (i) A citizen can visit Collector office and give his feedback to selection committee (section-6.10.b) or complaint to Lokpal as affidavit. Collector's clerk shall scan and upload letter on Lokpal’s website for a fee. Purpose: copies of complaint will come on servers of Collector, CM, PM, Lokpal, Yahoo, Google and 100s more. This ensures that a corrupt Lokpal cant later remove pages from complaints (ii) Any citizen can visit Patwari/Talati office and add his name to a complaint for Rs 3 fee. Purpose: if 1000s of citizens have same complaint, all wont need to visit Collector office and create law-order problem. Please tell us if you support transparent complaining procedure.

3. Please provide draft in Hindi : Jan Lokpal draft's English is more complex than English I have read in American laws !l (pls read US Constitution and Lokpal draft). So please provide Hindi draft ASAP. Or do you insist that we commons should never read your draft? Why not?

4. Let public see suggestions put on Lokpal consultation website to increase transparency and please put opinion polls, so that we may know which suggestions are seconded/rejected by how many activists.

I request activists to ignore remarks on NaMo etc as they sidetrack us from real issue: clauses needed to deter Lokpal from becoming corrupt.

About us Right to Recall Group : We request activists to contest elections and give newspaper ads, pamphlets to inform citizens on how Right to Recall PM\CM, RTR-judges, RTR-Lokpal laws and "Transparent Complaint Procedure" law can improve India. For details, please read-

Yours truly,


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