New Idea on Lokpal: Right to call- "RVK-Mechanism"

यहाँ पूरे जन्लोक्पल ड्राफ्ट पर चर्चा करें (केवल 2 पेज के पर्चे पर नहीं) ; Please discuss here on FULL Janlokpal draft (not just the 2 page pamphlet)

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New Idea on Lokpal: Right to call- "RVK-Mechanism"

Post by rajkalmekar » Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:03 pm

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janta mat
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Re: New Idea on Lokpal: Right to call- "RVK-Mechanism"

Post by janta mat » Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:39 pm


I like this procedure for election of lokpal , but still think there should be right to recall lokpal procedure . For right to recall-lokpal procedure please see
Also, please see the responses here- ... 1117936671

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Re: New Idea on Lokpal: Right to call- "RVK-Mechanism"

Post by MehtaRahulC » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:43 am

What does RVK stand for?

>1. The Lokpal should be elected from all over Indian during Loksabha General Elections.

One issue with Nation wide election is ballot paper size and design. When whole nation has to elect Lokpal, number of candidates will cross 100, or even 200 or even 500. How would you design ballot paper?

US solved the problem by leaving ballot paper design to districts. Yes, in US each district designs its own ballot paper and Center has no say and States have limited say. So some district have rules that to have name on ballot paper, at least one MLA must propose, or else the vote to that candidate will be cast by writing the name of that candidate in the "write-in" line. Rightly or wrongly, voting in India is conducted by central authority and so central authority will have make law. What law do you propose to manage situation where number of candidates will be 100-200?

In the approval system I have proposed for Nationwide replacement of PM (see section-6.6 of ) , there may be 1000s of candidates. Here, the procedure solves the issue by giving a slip to citizen on which he has to write names and serial numbers of at most 5 candidates, and Talati/Patwari will enter the names, numbers and give a printed receipt to the citizen (similar to the way you write slips in banks) . Now what if a person is illiterate? He may take a relative, friend whom he trusts and have him write the slip. The approvals in my proposed system are open anyway, and question of losing confidentiality doesnt arise.

So what ballot paper design do you propose to deal with issue of 500 candidates?


The right to recall Lokpal procedure I have proposed in . If you have questions, pls call me at 98251-27780

The proposed approval procedure IMO "subsumes" election, except that approval is not confidential.

(What is "subsume"? We say that A2 subsumes A1, when A2 has all plus points of A1, more plus points and no minus points. Now pls note that words like plus points, minus points etc are all subjective, So when someone says "A2 subsumes A1", it is always IMO = In my opinion. ]

Plus RTR-Lokpal procedure doesnt require that a citizen will have to wait for 5 or 2.5 years. The procedure is stable because change would need at least 1 cr people to change their approvals, which cant happen due to spikes in public opinions.

>Other contestants will work continuously as opposition to in power
>Lokpal , and hence can criticize his work and can highlight his faults
>to general public.


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