Kalamdi's lawyers claim that he is suffering from memory los

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Kalamdi's lawyers claim that he is suffering from memory los

Post by kmoksha » Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:28 pm

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/indi ... 347675.cms


Kalamdi's lawyers claim that he is suffering from memory loss

What is cure to such wealthy crooks who have money to buy doctors, money to buy Supreme Court judges and have money to buy Lokpals?

Ancient Greeks 600 BC had procedure that if junior officer of king was accused of crime or corruption, 50 citizens were chosen at random and asked to decide punishment. The judge will not decide punishment because they (rightly) believed that the judge can have nexuses with King's officers or King and so can protect the officer even if he is criminal or corrupt. But what if officer was powerful and wealthy? Then he can supress/buy-out 50 Jurors. So if officer was senior number of Jurors would be 100, more senior then 200 , 300 , 400 and largest Jury consisted of 500 citizens.

But what if King himself was corrupt or criminals. The Greeks believed that King may be powerful enough to coerce even 500 citizens. So procedure to deal with king was --- entire population would gather and decide if King should be expelled, expelled from city (after confiscating all wealth) or even hanged. Given that such procedure existed, no King ever dared to take an action that would proke citizens to this extent. But procedure to expel or hand king did exist


So I propose procedures

1. Recall by Majority Vote
2. Narco Test in public by Majority Vote
3. Imprisonment by Majority Vote
4. Execution by Majority Vote

(Pls see chap-27 , www.righttorecall.info/301.pdf

for the draft of the proposed Gazette Notification to enact (2), (3)3 and (4) )

We should try to get above procedure draft in Gazette. And after that using above,m we should take Narco test of Kalamadi et in public. And after looking at other evidences, we should decide if Kalamdi should acauited, imprisoned or execute. These are the decisions we must take via majority vote. Leaving them to the hands of corrupt Supreme Court Justices or corrupt Lokpals will be waste of time.

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