“Let us come together and change the country”

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Here, only recallists can start a thread giving detailed information about pro-common procedures. Other activists can comment only.
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“Let us come together and change the country”

Post by Rakesh » Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:08 am

Vande Mataram

This letter has been sent to you to make you aware of a revolution that is happening in the country. Let me be very clear, I am not here to waste your time talking about some political party or here to do some political bitching. I am here to offer solutions, and talk about only solutions. And for that I need 2-3 minutes of yours to read this letter.

Starting with problems, allow me to mention a few problems. Poverty, malnutrition, hunger, and root cause of all these, corruption, and root cause of corruption is absence of a solution to corruption. Now when we compare ourselves with other countries such as America, we find that corruption in America is very less. Why is it that American police, bureaucrat, minister, judge etc. are afraid of accepting bribes? The reason is, because there they have a law called “Right To Recall.” “Vapis bulaney ka adhikaar.”

Now please try to understand, “Right To Recall” doesn’t only mean remove a corrupt/lazy person from his position, it also means substituting the person with a better alternative. So the law can also be called “Right To Recall and Replace”. “Vapis bulaney ka aur badli karney ka kanoon.”

Any corrupt (or maybe non-corrupt but extremely lazy) minister, police, bureaucrat, judge can be removed from his position and substituted with a better alternative. Actually, we don’t even need to do that, the mere awareness that “I” can/may be removed from “my” position, is sufficient for most officials to do their work properly. Actually for honest officers and bureaucrats this doesn’t instil fear, it instils responsibility. The law is not only “Right To Recall” it also covers “Right to Replace/substitute/appoint.”

The CAG estimated the losses of the recent coal scam at Rs. 10 lakh crore. It later revised it down to Rs. 1.85 lakh crore. Some other estimates say that the actual loss is as high as Rs. 30 lakh crore. This is like Rs. 1850 to Rs. 30,000 out of the pocket of each citizen. Scams such as these keep on happening, if we stop them, our country can truly become “Soney ki chidiya” (Bird of gold).

Our proposal
A three line law. That is right, only 3 line law.

The law basically would allow any citizen to register his complain/suggestion affidavit to the collector @ Rs. 20/page. This document would be accessible both online and from collector’s office. Any citizen (with his voter-id/proof) can come to the collector’s office (or by using his registered mobile number) register a “support(yes)/(rejection)no” to the affidavit @Rs.3/submission. The “yes/no” can be changed anytime at the fee of Rs. 3. The “yes/no” count may NOT be binding on the government.
Please understand, this innocent looking 3 line law, this law is actually the base of “Right To Recall and Replace (RTR)”. Just adding 2 more clauses makes this law, RTR-PM, RTR-CM, RTR-PoliceCommisioner etc. For more information please reach out to me.

Rakesh (9560354335)

Prajaa Adheen Raja / Right To Recall Group
Youtube: http://youtube.com/user/RightToRecallGroup/
3 line law Full Draft Link: http://rahulmehta.com/001.pdf
Frequently asked questions: http://www.righttorecall.info/004.pdf
For more information see: http://rahulmehta.com/301.htm
Law drafted by Rahul Mehta http://facebook.com/mehtarahulc
RTR is a law supported by great martyrs like Bhagat Singh, Shubhas Chandra Bose.
RTR is currently functional in many countries such as USA, Switzerland etc.

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