A proposed law to REDUCE RAPE problem

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Amar Kumar Ram
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A proposed law to REDUCE RAPE problem

Post by Amar Kumar Ram » Wed Aug 27, 2014 7:13 pm

Here I am going to tell you how we will able to reduce RAPE.

Question: Rape will only stop when all people will change their MIND, isn't it?
Answer: Of course NOT! dear. It is almost impossible to change EVERY PERSON'S MIND/THINKING.

Question: So, How will we able to reduce rape?
Answer: It will reduce only when we will able to make an environment when all rapist will get punishment and all future rapist will think that if I will do rape then definitely I will get punishment. And only then rape will reduce.

Question: Ya, I agree with you but how will we make that situation/environment?
Answer: This will be done by Good Laws!

Question: What good laws?
Answer: We, Right To Recall Group have a proposed law on RAPE given by Right To Recall Group. This law have 5 clause. Each clause is given below or you can read chapter 38 from

1. National DNA database : Building database of DNA of all males will be useful in tracking down rape suspects with lower costs and speedily. The fear that you will get tracked down speedily will deter criminals from committing rapes.

2. Putting cameras at as many public places as possible : By putting as many cameras as possible, we can reduce rapes as well as molestation such as at bus stand, inside buses and other crowded public places.

3. Providing voice linked equipment with panic button to every women : Every women can be given an equipment which cannot be turned off (unless broken), and the equipment will send the voice around her continuously to some control station. Further the equipment can have panic button which when pressed will send panic signal to near by cell phone towers as well as police stations. The location can be obtained using known technical methods. This will enable the policemen to locate women who is being victimized in least possible time.

4. Providing GUNS to women : Women should be allowed and encouraged to keep GUNS and other weapons with them all the time and they should be trained to use these weapons etc.

5. Increased use of Narco Test : To prove or disprove whether rape was committed, NARCO TEST on rape accused should be conducted in public after JURY has seen reasonable incriminating evidences.

Question: I am okay with the first three clause but is it right to provide GUNS to women?
Answer: What is wrong in it? Every person have a right to save him/herself. If you want to say that any women can shoot anyone then, i only want to tell you that if a women really want to murder anyone then she can do this by using a rope/knife etc. Now if a women murder someone by saying that he attempt to rape me then of course the 1st clause will be use that is National DNA database. Also there will be NARCO TEST done for that women (only in murder case otherwise its not necessary to give narco test for her). And by this two process JURY can caught that women knowingly murdered someone.

Question: Ya, you are right! What is the importance of jury in this case?
Answer: It is as important as other laws so that in rape case no one can bribe JURY. To know about JURY TRIAL see this :
https://www.facebook.com/notes/amar-kum ... 4618795861

Question: What is NARCO TEST?
Answer: To know about narco test watch this video :

For other NOTES see this :
https://www.facebook.com/notes/amar-kum ... 0705480919

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