Making an ATTRACTIVE pamphlet

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Here, only recallists can start a thread giving detailed information about pro-common procedures. Other activists can comment only.
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Making an ATTRACTIVE pamphlet

Post by Amar Kumar Ram » Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:14 pm

Friends please read it... Its IMPORTANT and please suggest anything to make it better... Feel free to give your opinion...

If not for the country then think for your next generation

Do you want to get Rs 500*per month?

Do you want to make police behave as friend and protector?

Do you want the houses and lands become 10 times cheaper?

Do you want better govt schools ,colleges,hospitals,roads ?

Do you want the power to punish the criminals?

Do you want to save yourself from invasion of enemy country?

If yes then Please read the document carefully

Transparent Complain Procedure(Janta ki awaz) is a proposed 3 line law which can be solution all the problems of the country (may be some of yours).It has only 2 operational clauses ,3rd clause is only a declaration .It needs no discussion in parliament and can be printed in gazette by the prime minister to come in effect.

# Officer Procedure

1 Collector (or his clerk) If ANY citizen-voter comes with voter ID, submits a Right to Information application /complaint /any Opinion/Order/Evidence etc. as an affidavit to the Collector and demands it to be put on the Prime Minister’s website, so that all can see affidavit without logging in, the Collector (or his clerk) checks voter ID, collects Rs. 20 per page fee, issues a serial number and puts Voter-ID plus complete scanned copy of the affidavit on PM’s website.

2 Village Officer (V.O), Patwari, Talati (or his clerk) (2.1) If any citizen-voter comes with voter ID, and specifies Yes-No on any affidavit submitted in above clause-1, the Patwari will enter his Yes-No on the PM’s website with his Voter-ID and give a printed receipt for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder. (2.2) The Patwari will also allow citizen to change or cancel his Yes-No for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder. The cost of giving one opinion will be 10 paise when the system comes on SMS (2.3) The Collector may create system of sending SMS feedback to voters. Also The Collector may create a system of taking finger-print and picture of the voter and putting it on the receipt. (2.4) The PM may create a system where by citizens can register YES/NO via ATM or via SMS.

3 ---- This is not a referendum procedure .The YES/NO count will not be binding on PM, CMs, officers, judges etc. Though if over 50% of total voters (~ 40 crores citizen-voters) register Yes on a given affidavit, then the PM may or need not take necessary action on the RTI application affidavit; or the PM may or need not resign. PM’s decision will be final.

See the next page to know HOW will it work . Get video explanation at

How will this work?

`Transparent` complaint/procedure is defined as a complaint which is VISIBLE and VERIFIABLE anywhere, anytime and by anyone, so that it cannot be suppressed by any politicain, official (like Lokpal, etc), judge or media. Say, there is a corrupt minister in your area and you and lakhs of people want to complain that `This minister should be removed.` Now, what are the present-day options for making a complaint ? One option is dharna, but dharna is useless unless it is `fixed ` because today opposition to the government is met by lathis of the police etc. Another option is signature campaign but that also fails since there is no backup of signatures of citizens with the government in our country and thus signatures cannot be cross-verified and will be proclaimed `false` by the authorities and media.

Now, if this complaint is made via the above procedure whereby, any person can go to any collector office and give the complaint that `the minister is corrupt and should be replaced` and if lakhs of people will support the complaint, they can go to their nearby patwari/talati/village officer office and give Rs.3/1 and voter id details and finger print scan for verification and all that will come on PM website. Now, the media or any authority cannot claim these supporters are false since there is fool-proof verification done and cross-verification of a sample can be done anytime. The complaint cannot be manipulated since the complaint is VISIBLE always to lakhs and crores of people world-wide. The media will also have to take up this complaint or it will lose its credibility for not taking up a genuine, verified complaint which lakhs of people support. And this way via media the complaint will spread all over the country. Now, the lakhs and crores of people who have supported this complaint will put pressure on the MLAs, MPs, etc. of their area - `Why do you not take any action against this complaint when it is clearly visible that lakhs and crores of people are supporting this ?` This pressure will come on the higher authorities and even the PM and some suitable action has to be taken. So, this transparent system will work via public pressure.

By this method pressure can be created on any issue and citizens can get their demands accomplished by very less effort.

Is that all?

Yes, that’s all. Nothing more. So now the question is : how can such a mere three line law solve daunting problem of poverty? How can it solve equally tough problems like corruption in policemen/judges? How will it full fill the claim made at the beginning of the document (Rs 500/month to every one)

How this 3 line law can be the solution to all public problems that is explained in detail in a long document - .Here we will just give a very short description about few . For detail understanding telephonic or face to face conversation is required after reading a certain adviced document about a particular issue.

There are enough write-ups and video explanation but your doubt might be unique which can be only cleared only by conversation.

Reducing Poverty in 3 months / Rs 500* per citizen per month - by Mineral Royality for Citizens and Military (MRCM)

If 2 people own a house in partnership what should happen to its rent excluding the maintenance .If you think it should be equally divided. Then think who is the owner of all govt owned land of India and what should happen to the rent .We propose a law which demands that 33% of total of royalty from mineral and crude oils, rent of govt lands, royalty of spectrum should be divided between citizens and directly transferred to their bank account .The rest will be given to defense ministry to strengthen the armed forces to protect these natural resource and lands. This per citizen amount comes approximately 500 per month (reason of putting * is that the value is approximate and depends on other things). For details see link – chapter 5,

Better police and public servant –Right to Recall

By this law citizens, can directly replace the corrupt and less efficient public servants. If these procedures are in place, work and behaviour of 99% public servants will improve while rest 1% are replaced by better people. For details see link - chapter 6, 7, 22, 30,40,

Citizens` Power to punish the criminals –Jury trial

Jury trials are the fastest and fairest trial method known all over the world. This allows a set of randomly chosen common citizens to sit in place of judge and punish the criminals. This method breaks the nexus between judges and career criminals. For details see link Reduction of land prices and others

We have many other proposed laws for tax reform like wealth tax, education improvement etc. but the laws mentioned above act as basic element this will force the public servants to maintain better schools ,hospitals and other services so that we can have a good life .They will work in the fear of being replaced .To know in detail please read

So what to do?

1>Clear all your doubt about TCP. By interacting with volunteers in your area or person who gave you the pamphlet or asking us at facebook group


2>If you like TCP then Demand TCP from your MP by sending an SMS as follows what SMS should be sent (will go in 2SMS-es)

Dear MP, Pls ask PM to print in Gazette option for citizen to SCAN affidavit on PM website for Rs.20/page. Link your public Mobile No to your website via program to openly display all sms sent to you along with voter ID. OR I won’t vote for you or your party Please see a demo system created by volunteers to get practical understanding of TCP at . Here people can give their opinion via SMS which is verifiable.

3>Inform others citizens about TCP and ask them to demand from their MP just like you did by showing your SMS. 4>Print pamphlets of TCP and distribute so that more citizens can know about it. If you want to be involved in more activity please go through the given links and involve with other volunteers

What will happen if you just ignore it?

You might be well off and may not face the above mentioned problems but if these problems are not reduced then the nation will become weak. When people have too less to live like human they choose to act like animals. You will never want to live in a society with increasing number of criminals. If this continues the nation will be filled with disorder and violence. To make the situation worst our hostile neighboring countries may invade or send terrorists to do massive miming, rape, arson and loot .If you don’t want to see this happening in coming future may be with you or with your children

You must act .

For more attractive look please visit ... w+add.docx
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