Discrimination in rights of Corporates and Common Citizens

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Discrimination in rights of Corporates and Common Citizens

Post by kmoksha » Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:27 am

Creating a new document to highlight the discrimination between rights of corporates and common citizens.

The Anti-recallists /pseudo-recallists are biased towards the corporates.

The corporates make work agreements with `at-will ` temination clause, meaning that they do not have to give any proof. `At-will` means " the employer is free to discharge individuals "for good cause, or bad cause, or no cause at all,"

Further, there is a probation period , in which the employer can expel the employee anytime , without any reason.

But the proof-bhagats want to apply their proof-theory only when the rights of common citizens are talked. They say it is unethical to expel someone without proof. But they very conveniently avoid this point , when the rights of corporates is talked about.That time , they say , it is ethical not to give proof and expel the employee !!

Is this not plain discrimination ? Is this not unconstitutional ?

We , the common citizens , demand equal rights as the rights of the corporates.

The corporates have the right to expel , without any proof , the employees . So, we the common citizens , should also have rights to expel our employees, the MPs, MLAs, judges, lokpals, PM, CM, without any proof.

We , the 120 crore owners of the country, the common citizens demand the Right to recall, without proof, the public servants, the PM, CM, lokpal, judges and other important officials, whom we have employed for managing the country.

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