Learning from air-strikes on Libya

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Learning from air-strikes on Libya

Post by Ashish » Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:46 am

Learning from air-strikes on Libya : What if China (or US) attack India via Pakistan? Weaponize EVERY citizen ASAP

Summary : One possible scenario is that China may attack India via Pakistan. The Sauds will provide money to Pakistan, China will provide weapons and Pakistan will provide soldiers. If the wall called as Indian Military breaks, then citizens of India have no guns to stop Pakistani Army and Pakistani Civilians from reaching Assam, Chennai and looting and plundering all the way. In such case, India will have only one option : beg US for help. US will surely provide help, but in return ask for all mineral mines and crude oil wells. Once all mines and crude oil wells comes under US control, US will setup an education system that will weaken Maths, Science and Engineering in India, and this will make India more dependent on West. Gradually, it would Christianize whole India (eg South Korea) and convert into a vassal state like Philippines. Solution? One short term solution is delicense gun manufacturing and owning, so that every Indian citizen has guns, so that Pakistani Army and Pakistani Civilians cannot get deep inside India, and we can defend ourselves without Western help.


The Libyan crisis has taken a 180-degree turn. The political aspects aside, raw Military warfare seen in Libya would send chills down the spines of anyone in India who knows about possibility of India-West war or India-China war. In either case, West or China will not directly attack India, but would use Pakistan to attack India. Indian journalists and textbook writers, due to Western funding have ensured that Indian citizens know minimal about importance of weapons and how weak Indian Military is compared to West and compared to China. Not only a common textbook/newspaper reader is unaware of details about weapons, he doesnt even know how important weapons are to protect lives and property. Those (like myself) who came to know about dishonesty of journalists and textbook-writers decided looong back to trash newspapers/textbooks and depend only on internet for information and views. But rest, who still have faith in journalists and textbook-writers haven’t come to net for information and so are grossly underinformed. Hopefully, information from Libyan experience will reach them and they will become informed about these issues.

Here is some relevant information on Libya-West war. Libya is being attacked by West for its oil-wells. In around 1990s, I had said that once West has devoured all Iraqi oil wells, it would bombard Iran. And West will takeover other countries and also India down the line. India too will face carpet bombing iff India resists takeover. The goal of US\West is to devor all the mineral mines , crude oil wells of whole world and also convert every alive human into Christian. (Paid Indian History textbook writers dont mention it — but East India Company had tried its best to spread Christianity in India using raw force as well manipulation. And the decision of not replacing pig-fat and cow-fat by buffalo fat in kartoos was to get Indian soldiers expelled from their religious/social communities so that it becomes easy to convert them). The goal is to convert all countries of world into Africa or Philippines like vassal states. India is not at the top of the list, but not out of the list either. So after attack on Iraq in 2004, I was thinking that Iran would be next, followed by other countries. But Libya became next target and now Iran will come a bit later. That was a small change in details of the plot, but overall plot was remains same.

Now what do we have to learn?

In case of India vs West war


Say Indians, in order to stop Christianization of India or stop MNCs from devoring mineral mines or both, opt for an anti-West regime. Then down the line, India-West war becomes a real possibility. We saw that air-strikes in Libya disabled the radars. Without radars, much of the air-defense is like strong man with no eyes, no ears. Now how good are our radars? Doesnt matter. They are all made-by-West, and so West can turn them off any minute with Kill Switch. The reader may ask — what is Kill Switch? Well, all complex weapons come with software or hardware Kill Switches which are nearly impossible to detect. The country which provides these complex weapons can press the Kill Switch and ensure that the complex weapon becomes useless. eg all warplanes coming from US have kill switches, which when US Govt activates will make warplane useless. So in case of India-West war, India has no defense to speak of. But West need not attack India directly — it can attack India by paying Pakistani elitemen. providing them weapons, satellite information etc. Sauds are always there to provide money to Pakistan for such attacks. Pakistan has Army of 500,000 and crores of its civilians have weapons like AK-47. With Western help and Saud money, Pakistani Army can break this wall called as Indian Military. And after that, there is nothing inside India which stop Pakistani soldiers and civilians from reaching Assam, Chennai and looting, plundering all the way. The level will be equal to partition time violence/loot multiplied by 20 to 50.

Now of course, West will not let Pakistan prevail. The goal of West is to use Pakistan to break India and Indian people, so that India and Indian people come to West to beg for help. And West will surely provide help — but uin return it will take over all the minernal mines and oil wells. And next, with increased control, West will wreck Maths, Science, Engineering education so that India’s dependence on West for technology further increases. Down the line, West will do what it did in South Korea and Philippines — Christianize almost whole country and make it a vassal state.

Solution? I state after stating next problem.

In case of India vs China war


The India vs China war looks different, but outcome is the same. The West has taken Iraqis to stone ages and is gradually forcing Iraqis accept Christianity. In Pakistan too, more and more poor Muslims are turning towards Christianity. The fault is of Pakistani elitemen — they are the ones who created and sustained this poverty to begin with. Nevertheless, because of loot in Iraq (and now Libya) and conversions, a big chunk of Pakistani activists will become anti-West and come closer to China. China may use this opportunity and provide weapons to Pakistan to attack India. Again, with Chinese weapons and Saud money, Pakistan can defeat Indian Military, unless India begs West to help. So in case of (Pakistan + China) vs India war, India will have no option but to beg US/West for help. And surely help will come, but with condition that India must handover all mineral mines to West. Next, And next, with increased control, West will wreck Maths, Science, Engineering education so that India’s dependence on West for technology further increases. Down the line, West will do what it did in South Korea and Philippines — Christianize almost whole country and make it a vassal state.



The only solution is to increase weapon manufacturing in India. We simply cant depend on imported weapons as all of them will have Kill Switches hidden all over them. We need to manufacture huge amounts of weapons — from complex weapons like warplanes to simpletons like katta — everything we can make and as soon as we can make.

Now making complex weapons like warplanes will take 5 to 10 years, i.e. if we get all required Gazette Notifications today. What if China or West attacks during this 10 year interval? The quick solution is to delicense gun-manufacturing and owning. Let anyone who wants to manufacture guns and own guns own guns, This way, Pakistani soldiers and civilians will face fight at every street and so even if they manage to cross borders by advanced weapons, they will not be able to penetrate inside. It is seen several times in past that if every citizen has guns, the foreign Military finds it too difficult or nearly impossible to penetrate. eg Hitler decided not to attack Switzerland only because every citizen in Switzerland had guns. (Even today, every adult make citizen in Switzerland is required to have gun and gets about 100 bullets at subsidized rates for practice. IOW, an average Swiss citizen uses more bullets than an average soldiers or DySP level officer in India !! ) Another example is modern Afghanistan. Compare Afghanistan and India of 1938. In 1938, British had controlled India with population of 38 cr with only 80,000 weapon bearing Britons. And today, over 200,000 US soldiers will all weapons are not able to control Afghanitan of just 3 cr of population. Terrain is one reason, but main reason is that every one Afghanistan, including women, bear guns. And so US is not able to peacefully loot and kill Afghanies.

In India, some 11 lakh soldiers , 10 lakh para-military forces and some 15 lakh constables have guns. Out of civilians, hardlu 2% have guns. With such low gun ratio, Pakistani soldiers and civilians will have open field once the wall of Indian Military breaks. So fastest way to secure India is to give guns to each and every citizen ASAP. If gun manufacturing and owning is delicensed, and everyone is allowed to have at most 3 gunsm, then without any subsidies, almost 70% to 90% Indians will be able to own guns. Even poor will be able to have guns, because wealthy individuals dispose old guns at throw away prices (just as second hand mobiles sell for as low as Rs 500 or people even give it away for free to their servants).

Once 50% to 80% of Indians have guns, we can be safe from China/Pakistan attack without depending on Western weapons. This is not to say that we should stop western weapons today. Today, we have no choice but to import. But once everyone has guns, and as we start manufacturing weapons locally, we can phase out all Western weapons as almost all of them are guaranteed to have Kill Switches.

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