Lokpal may say : You never sent complaint. Solution?

यहाँ पूरे जन्लोक्पल ड्राफ्ट पर चर्चा करें (केवल 2 पेज के पर्चे पर नहीं) ; Please discuss here on FULL Janlokpal draft (not just the 2 page pamphlet)

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Lokpal may say : You never sent complaint. Solution?

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Many of us has feaced, seen RTI-activists running from post to pillars in RTI-commissioner's office, only to see that RTI-commissioner throws date after date for hearing. Now JL draft says that results will come in one year. But drafts spells NO punishment against Lokpal even if Lokpal takes 10 years to resolve the case. So if the Lokpal is like our beloved RTI-Commissioners, he can also throw date after date and spend away years. What is clauses can reduce this from happening?

First, lets start with stage of filing complain. Say you send a 50 page letter by registered AD describing the complaint. If Lokpal is as non-corrupt as Sharad Pawar, then he can just remove 10 pages, and after three months, send a letter to you that "you did not send complete complain". So you see, the FIRST trick corrupt Lokpal or some corrupt staff of Lokpal can play on you is "It is YOUR fault - you did not send complete complain" and next he can also issue fine against you, just as many judges are impose fines of PIL-activists.

The solution I propose is : we add following clauses in the Lokpal-draft

1. President orders Collector that if a citizen approaches Collector or his designated Executive Magistrate or designated clerk with complain filed as affidavit , and wants the complaint to come on the Website of Lokpal, then without any argument, the clerk will scan and complaints and post it on the website of Lokpal for a charge of Rs 20 per page.

Now the copies of complaint will reside on at least 5-8 servers --- Collector's server, State Govt's server. Lokpal's server, PM' servers and backup. We can later have backups on write-once media like DVDs so that complaints cant be later removed. So it will difficult for a Lokpal who is "as non-corrupt as Sharad Pawar" to remove pages from complaints.

Now lets say some 100000 person have complaint against some corrupt High Court judge or Collector or Police Chief or Minister etc. Then we should NOT ask all 100000 to go to DC office and spend Rs 20 per page. So second clause I propose in JL-draft is'

2. President orders Patwari (Talati, Village officer) that if a citizen approaches Patwari or his designated clerk with voter ID , and wants to register YES/NO on a complaint posted on the Website of Lokpal, then without any argument, the clerk will enter the citizen's name, voter number, take Rs 3 fee and give a receipt. And citizen's name will come on the website of Lokpal below that complaint.

This will reduce the load on the system. This way, one person can file the complaint by visiting Collector's office, and rest can add their names by visiting local village office or city-civic-center.

In absence of these two clauses, Lokpal who is as honest as Pawar can simply say "you never ever sent me full complaint, and so sorry, I cant take any action." It is necessary that there is FULL transparency in communication with Lokpal.

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